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New Releases

Feb 06, 2017 Page_B//"the_rafters"
"I had so much fun with this shoot! What I was aiming for was a natural/rustic feel which I tried to achieve using flowers, nature itself and a barn. Embracing every part of your body can be difficult especially when it's not deemed "sexy" by the majority of society. I definitely hesitated with a couple of poses, but then realised that my body is beautiful and it is sexy, and that I need to embrace what I've got and flaunt it! Whilst I was outside, fully nude, taking photos that would seem pretty compromising to anyone who didn't know what I was doing, I had a sudden realisation that my back fence is in fact not that tall, and that the surrounding neighbours could see my glorious bum and tits waving all around the place."
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Feb 05, 2017 Nazz//"blue_floral"
That exquisite nature loving nymph we all know as Nazz is back and true to form she has gifted us with another superb folio. Greenery paired with incredible porcelain skin generates a feeling of both calm and excitement. May we please roll around in the grass with you some more Nazz?
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Feb 05, 2017 Rachel_K//"upside_down"
"I chose to do yoga postures in my shoot because yoga is what has brought me to love my body. I give thanks to my body every day by showing up to my mat and exercising what my body is capable of doing. Balancing upside down, supporting my entire body, twisting in such ways I never dreamed imaginable. Yoga is also what brought me to change my body image and to walk away from my eating disorder. To acknowledge it, to feel it, and then to let it go. I'm smiling in most of my shots because I really am happy when I practice yoga. Any posture, even the ones that I fall out of. Because yoga is a practice, not a sport. It's the union of the mind, body, and soul. I have never shot myself nude and have never felt so confident in my body. I hope my pictures express my confidence in my skin and the empowerment I felt by sharing it."
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Feb 04, 2017 Angelika_R//"wild_woman"
"Shooting myself in the cemetary made me feel the most alive I have been in months. A cousin passed and with her abundance of vitality it just did not seem right. She was a wild woman who loved when I told her about my first ISM shoot, and this was my way to honour her memory. Shooting in the sun, along trees, kitchen and all angles with mirrors are all things that make me feel sensational and alive. Being chased naked from a cemetary by some angry locals in their sky blue hell wagon was the perfect end to a perfect shoot. I hope you enjoy the way I captured myself in these frames even half as much as I did! XOXO"
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Feb 04, 2017 Jessica-Jane//"excite"
"In this folio you will see someone who is confident and loves a bit of a pose. Whilst taking these photos I definitely did get a bit excited myself. If you look closely, you may even see. During this shoot my housemate came home early and caught me! How embarrassing. But being the confident woman I am, I just laughed and continued."
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Feb 03, 2017 Heather_A//"decorated"
"By the 100th photo I had fully come to terms with the fact that the neighbours were getting a free show through the bedroom window. Hopefully it put them in a good mood."
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Feb 02, 2017 Esther_A//"moon_bird"
"I decided to shoot my photos with the sky very prominently featured; I wanted to feel like a bird ready to take flight. Luckily a friend has a rooftop with a view! My day was very simple and started with soft serve ice-cream on the beach. As someone who rehearses by watching themselves in a mirror, I wasn't unused to watching my body and face and noticing what was beautiful. A few photos are deliberately reminiscent of some of my favourite nude portraits by Manet and Gustav Klimt. I hope anyone who views these pictures sees someone who owns themselves and loves themselves unconditionally. I would recommend this practice for anyone wanting to start or continue a process of joyful self-love!"
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Feb 01, 2017 Eliza_S//"walk_free_1"
"Videoing my shoot was super fun as it added this extra element of personality to the whole thing. It was also great practice for me as I am going to start making youtube videos in the near future in a similar style."
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Feb 01, 2017 Gaya//"freude"
"Even before my shoot I was so thrilled about it that I was already thinking what kind of pictures I would like to take. Photography is a big creative outlet for me and I always try new things, whether it is props, location or just the style of taking pictures. I knew that I wanted to use a mirror, but when I found a hoola hoop as well I was exploding with ideas. I never shot myself before, let alone in full nude so this alone was a new thing and it turned out to be quite the challenge to portray how you really see yourself. Towards the end of my shoot it started to rain as well, even though I was still full of ideas. But I am happy with my shoot and think I conveyed my ideas about me and my body quite well and this natural ending just means I can have another session for sure :)"
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Jan 31, 2017 Saskia//"mixed_medium"
"I'm a fan of people with good body art, I love people - more so the ones that are passionate about what they're doing with their lives, they make for the best 3am conversations, you know the one's where you go away and it feels like your soul has been recharged. I like to use this as an inspiration in any work I'm doing. It was harder to apply this to my shots though. I used paint to try and show this; being a mixed medium artist this was the easiest way to show you what I love - people and art."
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Jan 30, 2017 Breanna//"evening_light"
Breanna's simple but stirring reload gives us a glimpse into her humble dwelling where this beauty with the chestnut eyes relaxes with a jar of Nutella while watching the world go by. By the time the golden hour has occurred we are powerless in the face of this superb being's presence.
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Jan 30, 2017 Farina//"le_coeur"
"It was my first photo shoot and my first selfie shoot as well. I have never tried anything like that before. I'm usually not a 'selfie person', but I had such a good time. I laughed my ass off, all alone with the camera. I struggled a bit with the lighting and the angles here and there, but as soon as I admitted to myself that it doesn't have to be perfect (cause I'm obviously not a professional photographer) I just stopped worrying. I ended up with sexy, nude, natural, real pics of myself and my body parts that I had never seen before on camera, or so close. I would do it again anytime, always. It was an amazing and new crazy experience!"
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Jan 29, 2017 Grace_K//"happydays"
"The shoot to me was very exciting, similar to my own work in real life. I shot my own work to get started in my own lingerie brand as I was on a budget. The photos on facebook got more hits than a professional photographer so that was very empowering and kept me going with my vision. I like to show that woman are sexy in all shapes and sizes."
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Jan 29, 2017 Emelia//"shadow_light"
"The fact of first shooting with my clothes on was different, so I didn't know how to start, but I also enjoyed it. I had a remote, which I loved because it is so easy to take a great picture of yourself. I had a really great experience and I'll do that again if I have a chance."
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Jan 28, 2017 Beck_T//"sightseeing"
"Ich war die letzten 5 Jahre krank und 6 Jahre in einer Beziehung, die ich im Dezember 2015 beendet habe. Dies hat zu der Entscheidung gefuhrt, dass ich nach Australien komme und alles mache, was ich noch nie zuvor erlebt habe. Mit diesem Fotoprojekt wollte ich euch an einigen Erlebnissen teilhaben lassen. I've been ill over the past 5 years and in a long-term relationship over the past 6 years. After getting well again and breaking up with my ex, I knew I need to go out and experience something new, and of course I've also needed a plan to get over my ex. With this project I wanted to share my backpacking stories and how I've been experiencing Melbourne so far. Life should be an adventure, every day. It took me three days to shoot all the pictures and different scenes and I enjoyed all of them. My favorite part was me covered in Vegemite. One of the first things I've learned in Australia, was that every Aussie adores Vegemite. Due to the fact that I'm allergic to wheat I can't eat Vegemite, but I knew it would be an awesome picture. So I started covering myself with Vegemite, all over my body, my lips, my fingers. I had Vegemite everywhere. My lips tasted all salty and it smelled really bad to me. I was glad I don't need to swallow it, because of my allergy. I spent one of the best days here in Melbs at the Etihad stadium. A tinder date of mine took me to a game, because I wanted to have the all Melbournian experience. Covered in at least 3 scarves, a cap and with nails painted in the Bulldog colors, sitting next to 6 (a bit bogan) footy enthusiastic guys, I saw the dogs win against Richmond. Go dogs! If you're expecting a big love story, I'm sorry to disappoint you, we met as friends and we stayed friends. When you're travelling abroad it is more important to get good friends, instead of hook ups. I guess a few people saw me taking pictures all over Melbourne. I took pictures at the Flagstaff Gardens and the gardeners were working while I was taking pictures, I guess it was a really awkward situation for both of us. I really enjoyed this experience. It was definitively a travel story, which is worth telling, but I guess that most people won't understand it! So it will be kept as our secret. Pssst!"
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