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New Releases

Jun 12, 2015 Peggy_J//"AmpedUp"
"I was playing music a few days ago when I realized it would be so fun to take pictures of myself for my ISM folio with my instruments. Once I ended up on my bed, I grabbed my selenite wand that I use for casting spells and put it in my mouth. Once I did that, I found myself getting turned on and started to masturbate with the wand! This was something I had never thought to do before. I love getting creative with new sexual experiences. I had a lot of fun coming up with sexy outfits to wear and different interesting poses I could maneuver for the camera. At one point, I put on a pair of tights that a lover had ripped open during sex a few weeks ago and put them to good use. Its always so interesting to me to look back at the photos of myself and get a peek at what I look really look like. I didn't put on any makeup for the photos and I had just gotten back from a camping trip so they are very raw and natural. I like being comfortable to present myself this way. I had so much fun taking these photos and was surprisingly turned on by the process!"
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Jun 12, 2015 Marnie_B//"stripped_down"
"I spend so much time pretending to be someone else, so I wanted to make these photos as raw and real as possible. They’re simply me in my messy yard, being myself without having to worry about what somebody is thinking about me."
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Jun 11, 2015 Wren_R//"Herstory"
"I love being naked, yet this is the first time I've ever explored my body in this way before. I loved playing around with angles and lighting and despite my limited environment, I really had so much fun. Learning how to take pictures with my toes while balancing the camera with my feet was certainly a new experience. I can't tell you the number of times I almost dropped it on my face! I really really enjoyed the shoot though. The fairy lights were fun and showed a bit of my personality. I also loved all the full body shots where I could really display my body. I hope you enjoy my shoot as much as I did!"
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Jun 10, 2015 jenny_p//"sing_with_me" Video
"Taking part in the ISM video shoot was an opportunity I instantly jumped at. It is a truly liberating experience and I decided to do a segment on singing because it is something that has been an enormous part of my life from a young age and music is something I have a strong connection with. Putting the cold and sore throat aside, I hope it was an enjoyable few minutes and may have even encouraged you to listen to the original of 'Send in the Clowns' as it is a heartbreakingly beautiful track."
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Jun 10, 2015 Rose_W//"Violoni"
"Playing cello is one of the biggest passions in my life, so naturally I wanted to show this in my IShotMyself shoot. It was a bitterly cold winter night so I set myself up next to the fire in my stockings and woolen jumper to keep me warm. When I play cello, I feel free, and when I play naked I feel the vibration of the strings lingering in my body with every note. Feeling the horsehair of the bow against my bare skin gave me a ticklish, sensual thrill."
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Jun 09, 2015 Paulina//"Komfortzone"
"Neue Dinge auszuprobieren und meine comfort zone zu verlassen ist ein grosser Teil meines Lebens. Fotos von mir selbst zu machen war eine interessante und witzige Erfahrung. Waehrend des shoots konnte ich merken wie mein Sebstbewusstsein stieg und ich mehr und mehr Ideen bekam. Einmal habe ich mich so verrenkt, dass ich fast aus dem Bett gefallen waehre./Trying new things and leaving my comfort zone is a big part of my life. Taking nude pics of myself was interesting and funny. My friend I was staying with didn't know about the shoot so I had to hide a little bit or do pics when she wasn't there. That made it even more exciting than it was anyway. It was fun finding new positions and during the shoot, I could feel my confidence rising and got more and more ideas. Once the position was so weird that I almost fell out of bed."
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Jun 08, 2015 Beri//"Red_Planet"
"Unusually for me I woke up at 3am, meditated for a bit and then felt the strong desire to go for a dance and watch the sun rise. I felt so ethereal on my way home and when I came across two red paintings next to some rubbish I felt inspired make my Red Planet shoot. I’ve been thinking a lot about the objectification of women and my part in it. Without imposing anything on myself I felt myself let go of my resistance to objectifying myself and I dived into making a fantasy fuelled exploration of my body. As I was doing my makeup I imagined I was some sort of alien goddess about to return to my Red Planet! I really got to step out of my mundane me and allow myself to feel a deeper sensuality with my camera in hand. I have a book of black & white nudes that I like to take inspiration from for my shoots and to make collages with. I liked playing around taking photos with the collages and I’m thinking about taking this concept further in another shoot, an image within an image within an image..."
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Jun 08, 2015 Morgan_A//"Queen_of_Hearts"
"I took these photos outside my dad's house. It was nice and warm and I really enjoyed taking these photos and thinking of all the different parts of my body I could shoot. I also took these photos because I wanted to be a part of the website, I love that it's so arty and accepting of natural beauty."
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Jun 07, 2015 Gintarie//"supersense"
"I wanted to explore how different materials looked in the light and shadow. It was a very stationary shoot and the day was super hot, so trying to get things to stick and hold to my sweaty skin was an interesting feat. I wanted to see how different materials reacted to the light but also to my skin, the clamminess of the cling wrap and how it feels when your skin can breath again after it's gone. The way the tape sticks, or doesn't, and how it feels to slowly rip it off. I was very conscious in this shoot of the curves of my body and the way certain materials restricted and pulled the flesh in different directions."
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Jun 07, 2015 Lucy_L//"positive_vibes"
"I was immediately interested in this project as it is all about body confidence and empowering women of all shapes and sizes. After checking out the website I soon became very comfortable with the idea of contributing. The pictures I saw online were so beautiful I was drawn to get involved with the positive vibe. I live in a shared apartment so there was a time I was upside down, naked in the mirror when my flat mate walked in. It was a hilarious moment and the story keeps being re-told!"
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Jun 06, 2015 Mylie//"Trancefer"
"I was having hard time to find place to shoot. I was thinking about doing it at the beach, since I am total beach bum, but kind of hard to find an isolated beach. Second options was to do it at a rave in the forest, but after having so much fun I never got time for it at the rave. In the end the shooting took place in my friend's garden. I had just been to a psytrance festival and was thinking 'why not wear my homemade skirt that I was happily wearing at the rave dancing around like an angel?' So why not do the same thing again, but this time naked. I was enjoying every moment and actually was laughing as much as I did at the rave."
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Jun 05, 2015 Amy_L//"Flaneur"
""J'ai pris ces photos pendant mes vacances en France autours de ma maison (oui je sais, mon jardin est trop bien!). Je ne voulais pas refaire de photo en intérieur et comme ici c'est l'été et les champs sont magnifiques, il fait beau et chaud et la lumiére est bien mieux. J'ai du courir et pas mal me cacher à cause du fermier qui passait et repassait sur son tracteur, mais ça n'a rendu l'expérience que plus drole. Je me sentais super bien aprés. Comme toujours! I shot this one on my holidays in France around my house. (I know, my garden is pretty awesome!). I didn't want to shoot inside again and as it's summer here the fields are awesome, it's nice and warm and the light is much better. I had to run and hide a lot because of the farmer driving past again and again on his tractor but it only made it more fun! Felt awesome afterwards. As always!"
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Jun 05, 2015 Camilla//Wild_Wood""
"The shoot took place in my garden. It was a Wind in the Willows inspired picnic, a lazy afternoon in the sun. Books, pillows, a lamp and flowers made up the props on the delicate pink coloured blanket. It has a soft, easy and relaxed feel, simply at rest and calm and enjoying life. I had a lot of fun doing the shoot and was surprised at how much it gave me confidence to feel comfortable with and proud of my body!"
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Jun 04, 2015 Tasmin_T//"tit_for_tat"
"My favourite thing about this shoot is that my friend and I did it together! The first place we both shot our photos was in a park early in the morning. We were rather apprehensive at the begining and a little cowardly about taking our clothes off. Yet, all of a sudden it became like a game of chicken between us. Who would take their clothes off first? What a daring place to take your clothes off too!"
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Jun 03, 2015 sophia_m//"good_clean_fun_2" Video
Sophia_m's lovely daily routine continues, and we feel healthier just spending time with her as she takes us through her wonderfully inspiring, beautifully organized and extraordinarily wholesome life. It's hard not to feel a little guilty as we sit here with our decidedly not dairy-free snacks and caffiene-loaded drinks, but we'll try and soak up the goodness from Sophia. She makes it easy to feel good about life.
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