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New Releases

Feb 28, 2014 amy_talulah//"Libelle"
"My shooting was in the yard of a friends house, as I was still unsecure and I wanted to have some privacy - no people watching me! But after a few pictured with nice results, what surprised myself, I became more self confident - with the shooting as well as with my body. And it didn't matter too much anymore for me if my friends saw me randomly while I was crawling on the grass. I liked having the dragonflies on my skin - they gave the pictures a special aspect."
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Feb 28, 2014 verelee//"tricks_n_toys"
"I really enjoyed the process of the I Shot Myself project - it definitely appealed to the exhibitionist in me. I found it a bit difficult to find times and places to work in because I'm currently homeless and house/room sitting! Sneaking around and capturing moments when and where I could; almost getting caught so many times!"
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Feb 27, 2014 elsa_h//"cloudclimbing"
"It took me a couple of afternoons to compile the shots; some were taken on a sneaky day trip to the country, where I was surrounded by icy creeks, rain forests, and giant march flies that kept attacking my exposed body parts. The rest were taken in my backyard, rolling around naked on couches and tables and in the grass, underneath a summer sky full of smoky haze. It was super fun and now I just want to do it all the time! Am I being crazy?"
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Feb 26, 2014 ellabella//"awkwadorable" Video
We actually don't find Ellabella very awkward at all - her decisive and flowing speech is really more funny than anything, and her photos are well confident. But she's got the adorable part down, and, well, she's right that shooting yourself is pretty damn awks - have you ever tried to get a good photo of your own bum? Anyway, Ellabella doesn't mind a bit of awkwardness. She knows that getting past it makes things even more gratifying.
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Feb 26, 2014 ferrana//"orgullosa"
"Participar en este proyecto ha sido muy muy divertido, vivo en una casa compartida y decidi hacer las fotos en exteriores para que no me vieran todos los chicos que viven en casa, el unico problema esque resulte quemada por el sol, aun asi la experiencia ha sido genial. Me he sentido muy comoda conmigo misma, porque pese a que no tengo un cuerpo perfecto, si que es bonito, poder mostrarlo y sentirme muy orgullosa."
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Feb 25, 2014 Julia_P//"blume_blick"
"Ich war gerade draussen auf unserer Terasse, da ich nun endlich mal die Wohnung fuer mich hatte, weil meine Mitbewohner auf einem kleinen Trip unterwegs waren. Also hole ich die Kamera raus um von diesem wundervollen Blick auf den Fluss ein Foto zu machen und dann dachte ich mir: Warum nicht gleich weiter machen? Ich fange schliesslich an, mich Stueck fuer Stueck auszuziehen und als ich mich dann so nackt auf der Terasse rekel, faellt mir ploetzlich auf, dass hier alle meine Nachbarn einen super Blick auf mich haetten, wenn sie nur auf den Balkon gehen. Das hat den Shoot nochmal wesentlich spannender gemacht und bisher habe ich noch keine Beschwerden bekommen..."
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Feb 24, 2014 denna//"subliminate"
"I was faced with a couple of small challenges during the shoot, a snoopy neighbor seemed to potter tirelessly round his garden just beyond the fence line and I'm sure he snuck a peek or two. The mosquitos were also out in force taking full advantage of my bare skin...but neither startled me, I was 100% absorbed in curiously exploring new angles of my body."
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Feb 24, 2014 celine//"makinang"
"Hi, this is the first time I tried to doing some nudity for shotmyself its amazing and great I love to do and I feel so great.. so amazing this is all new for me and it's so exciting... I don't feel any nervous or shaking ... ishotmyself, so great project, I loved! I hope you love!"
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Feb 23, 2014 leeya_&_erial//"sparkletastic_2"
"We've been friends since we were little. We had flowers and beautiful colours surrounding us. We felt the love bouncing off each other’s bodies. What more could one want. I strongly feel the photos really show our love for one another & love for life itself. We're often naked around one another, so the camera was just added to the mix of our everyday lives." -Erial
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Feb 23, 2014 quinn_l//"godsavethequeen"
"Well, what a wonderful challenge! How about a cup of tea? Naked? Sure! This shoot was so much fun, My parasol is my favourite thing in the world at the moment so, of course, it had to be included! It was a sweltering day in my garage, but I loved getting all sweaty to take these pics. It just looked and felt so sexy and raw. While rolling around on the blankets I was suddenly aware of the sexy times I could be having in the garage... Who needs a bed!!?"
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Feb 22, 2014 lea_l//"guess_who"
"I went out to the countryside and took my pictures there. It was a very hot day and I had many flies around. I had lots of fun putting myself into nature and experimenting with me, my body and the trees. I put some mud on me just to get a different kind of picture. I liked making pictures where you have to guess a little bit which part of my body it is."
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Feb 21, 2014 leigha//"far_n_away"
"This is like my Bonnie and Clyde folio. Been running away from Babylon, you cant catch us! From dives, parks and cheap hotel rooms, awaiting for 'la proxima estacion; Esperanza!' (the next stop is hope, here we come) I rather die than be caught up in a cell, like the song says! Nothing serious though!'This too shall pass.' Another story to add to the book of life."
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Feb 21, 2014 Lavender//"skinnydip"
"There is nothing I love more then nature. Recently I was down the coast, and thought the perfect opportunity would be at the beach. I love the beach more then anything, except for wearing bathers! Being naked in the ocean is a feeling that is so liberating and incredible for me, and one which, unfortunately, you can't experience often. After spending the summer traveling through Europe, on all the nude beaches, as well as complete naked campsites it has been a hard adjustment to being conservative on our beaches."
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Feb 20, 2014 melody_n//"poupee_nue"
"'Et comme une poupée qui perdait l’équilibre//La jupe retroussée sur ses pantalons blancs'... Melbourne is one of the most beautiful place for street art! I'm really sentitive about art so one day, I was working outdoor on a sunny afternoon with my white dress, and I thought, what's a great place for a improvising sexy shooting!"
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Feb 19, 2014 ambra_a//"sea_calm_2" Video
On such an atmospheric day, Ambra's found the place to be - and the perfect activity, to while away those indoor hours. Yellow cotton and white lace, bare feet padding on wood floors, and that stormy light washing in... Ambra is always beautiful, but today she's unreal, a character in a story of her own making. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and watch the story of Ambra's windy day unfold.
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