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New Releases

Feb 09, 2015 Maxyne//"summer_drop"
"I just moved house and now live in the most beautiful room. The big windows let in the warm morning sun which is prefect for lazy sleep-ins and frolics. I had a lot of fun shooting in this new space and sharing my morning with you. The video aspect was a great challenge.. it made the shoot just that little more intimate and personal. I'm really happy with the finished shoot. It's nice to see how the images and footage intertwine to make a really pretty whole." Members, click to see Maxyne's beautiful video.
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Feb 09, 2015 Aria_K//"my_primavera"
"Ecco la mia piccola avventura! Ho trovato fantastica ed eccitante la possibilita che mi sono concessa nell' esplorare luoghi abituali del mio quotidiano nella mia inusuale condizione di nudita! Dolce la sensazione nel togliersi lentamenti i ventiti, uno dopo l'altro, assicurandosi che nessumo mi stia guardando! Eee siii, l'ho fatto! Ed ora sta a voi godervi la mia piccola 'Primavera nell' Aria! This is my little I Shot Myself adventure! I found so amazing to explore usual spots of the place where I live in my unusual naked condition, was fun and exciting, takin' off my clothes slowly, and making sure no one is looking at me! Ohhh yeahhh, I've done it! And now just enjoy my primavera, that means spring in my language!"
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Feb 08, 2015 maeva//"Jardin_Vanites"
"Je me ballade dans un jardin... Je veux me mettre nue mais je suis timide. I'm walking in a garden, I want to get naked, but I'm shy. Je me devoile un peu.I show a bit. Alors que je m'aventure plus loin je decouvre un jardin secret... Je suis emerveillee. le jardin est emplie de beaute, de bijoux, de pierres... Je me pare de bijoux et danse.As I keep walking, I discover a secret garden. I am amazed. There are things of beauty, jewelery and stones. I wear the jewels and I dance... Pour liberer mon ame, je dois me detacher de tout, ainsi mon ame pourrais enfin profiter de mon enveloppe corporel. To free my soul, I should get rid of all, so my soul could enjoy my human body.Alors je retire les bijoux et je danse. So, I take off the jewelery, and I dance."
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Feb 08, 2015 Trina//"tropicalshine"
"Despite the incredible freedom of being naked outdoors, being currently based in a city meant having to use a public park. Although I did the shoot in a secluded area, I occaisionally was aware of dog walkers and joggers passing nearby, resulting in a quick grab for my scarf! This was mainly to stop them feeling uncomfortable if they did happen to look over rather than to hide myself, as I became progressively more comfortable and open during the shoot."
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Feb 07, 2015 Summer_C//"for_the_waves"
"I decided I wanted to shoot outdoors for my first submission to ISM, this isn't so easy to arrange when you live in a high rise apartment in the middle of Sydney and don't own a car. I ended up hiding behind rocks at the quieter end of a beach on a Sunday afternoon while parents and children played a bit too close for comfort and more than one dog walker caught me sitting there naked, legs wide open and pointing a camera at my cunt. It was definitely an adventure!"
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Feb 06, 2015 Amaya//"sweet_dreams"
"This shoot being in a sunshiney room with enlivening books, lights and artworks was oh so leisurely. I felt more at ease this time, more able to connect to the joy in my body and surroundings. The sunlight warming my skin was an unexpected pleasure in the middle of winter! It was just a dreamy kind of feeling and day."
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Feb 06, 2015 Cecile_B//"yummi_gummi"
"Quand je me suis retrouvee toute seule avec l'appareil photo, je ne savais pas trop quoi en faire. Alors je me suis juste jetee a l'eau! Ca n'est jamais evident d'etre nue devant un objectif, mais finalement c'est tellement plus facile d'accepter son corps tel qu'il est et de s'amuser avec, plutot aue d'essayer de le cacher. Le nu est beau. When I first found myself alone with the camera, I didn't have a precise idea of what to do, I just jumped in. This experience proved me it is so much easier to love your body and have fun with it, rather than try to hide it. Nude is beautiful!"
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Feb 05, 2015 Maria_P//"in_circles"
"Hula hooping was so much fun! I felt very happy whilst doing this and standing on a fallen tree overlooking a river made me feel so free. I did this shoot with a friend and it was lovely to see how natural it looked for a woman to be around nature without her clothes on, the way it should be!"
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Feb 04, 2015 dwam//"ellipse_1" Video
A whisper of mesh sliding on mesh, a hint of her perfect musculature, the broken mirror reflecting movement, sensual and haughty - yes. Dwam is here, with another video offering. And like everything she brings us, it is flawless, it is broken, it is elegant, it is some kind of 'fuck you', and some kind of love letter. Dwam. It's so good to see you.
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Feb 04, 2015 Silke//"hallucinogene"
"Honestly, it was a massive turn on. I found things about myself that I didn't know were hot (like my once perky bum, changed by childbirth, is even lovelier now that it has softened). Whilst I was locked away in the privacy of my studio, I could hear all the other artists working in their spaces, this added another layer of naughtiness and tension to the shoot. I had many conversations over the walls, some knew what I was up to, some did not.:
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Feb 03, 2015 Paniki//"haunted_beauty"
"I thought why not give my trinkets a day out in our backyard garden on this chilly spring day (it's 18C kind of spring, fyi!) I painted a bit around my face, mimicking a character from my all time favorite comic, Death from Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Friends and housemates were passing through the garden, giggling sometimes, or passing by while laughing a little bit and making silly jokes, haha. Comic moments, it's a shame I couldn't capture beatiful colours around me in camera, as good as they deserves it!"
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Feb 02, 2015 Vicky_J//"pixie_water"
"I felt like a pixie in the greenery, but there were lots of slap sounds from all the mozzies! Balance skills were increased by +24. Carefully avoiding the thorny branch, soon to be flocked by miniature harmless bugs. I am reminded that my body can be seen as beautiful art. The fresh crisp air I was breathing was heavenly. My skin barely sunkissed glows and I'm at home. One with nature, my hunger yet to be satisfied..."
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Feb 02, 2015 Renusha//"fille_en_bleu"
"To shot myself was not easy, sometimes I can not get a good pictures or the right angle, but I try and feel nervous and a bit scare shooting outside and I try to get some pictures of my back but my hand shakes a lot and have more chance to drop the camera. Anyways, I keep going until I find it easy at the end. Once I get confident, I was find it easy to shot."
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Feb 01, 2015 Rita_May//"fruits_of_summer"
"It was the last day of summer (the ACTUAL LAST ONE: several other last days of summer had already been languished away at the local pool) and the perfect excuse to escape from the interwebs and play it Greek amidst the verdant backyard - when in Oz... etc. Summer had been kind to our backyard, and it was time to reap the fruits of the season - naturally, this is best done naked. Who knows when we'll get to see our flesh again, come April..."
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Feb 01, 2015 Indianna//"mermaid_daze"
"I shot my folio at home in my bedroom in the early morning. The light was perfect, as it was hot but overcast, so I could have the window open and the breeze coming through. At first I was worried the neighbours might catch a glimpse of these nude selfies, but then I realized, who even cares? It might add a bit of excitement to their day! I wasn't really going for a 'themed' shoot, I simply wanted to be natural and happy. I didn't wear any make up (I hardly ever do) and had just woken up. I left my hair tangled and messy because this is how I like it. My tan lines from long days at the beach in a bikini are very noticeable, but I think, along with my curly hair, just goes to show how much of a mermaid I really am!"
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