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New Releases

Mar 18, 2015 Alexis_L//"willows_day"
"You never truly realise how itchy and unforgiving nature is until you remove yourself from your man-made structure and place yourself in a natural environment. Spending hours frolicking through the grass and trees at my property gave me a greater appreciation for the basic beauty that we so often take for granted. My dogs were there, enjoying the dam and shade underneath the big willow tree which really made the experience a lot more familiar and comfortable. Enjoy."
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Mar 18, 2015 michaelah//"mehndi_maidens_1" Video
This is a treat... we don't generally have guest stars in these ISM videos. There's something special about getting two when we only expected one, so many thanks to Michaelah's talented friend, who oh-so-kindly appears here to adorn Michaelah's stunning body, brushstroke by brushstroke, in an elegantly produced and edited ISM video feature. Enjoy.
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Mar 17, 2015 Louanna_M//"sunbow"
"I have to admit, I tried breathing in to appear slimmer, but my ribs are HUGE and stuck out terribly so I gave up on that idea and decided to embrace every inch of skin, every roll! The room I shot this folio in is on the ground floor at the front of my shared house. For the whole time I could hear/see my house mates walking past, in and out of the house. Pretty sure that the camera wasn't the only thing that saw me naked!"
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Mar 16, 2015 Alesseden//"pretty_mama"
"I started off playing around with balloons and white elastic. I wanted to explore characterisation and working with colour. After these initial shots, I took some time off and had a beautiful baby, returning afterwards with new ideas. I wanted to explore the female figure and it's beauty simply without props."
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Mar 16, 2015 Silvia_Rubi//"Obra_de_arte"
"I was at home yesterday and thinking about how beautiful could be my bathroom with me in the floor, why I don't take my camera and I make more interesting my private moments? In every 'click' my mind fly away, and gets me more beautiful inside and more horny outside, I enjoyed a lot all these clicks. The only bad thing of this idea was the floor, so cold! My nipples were like stones."
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Mar 15, 2015 Ruby_S//"persimmon"
"There is a sense of shame I have felt about how much I enjoy taking photos of myself. I hear a little voice that says it's narcissistic and I shouldn't like it, that nobody wants to see that, that it's perverted and wrong. I heard that little voice right before I started this project. I told it to fuck off, Iím an exhibitionist and I always have been. I like to be looked at, watched, worshiped. I like to perform for my audience."
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Mar 15, 2015 Irina//"fantomatico"
"Un divan de madera y un cojin, todo lo que necesito para esta primera sesion de fotos! He probado diferentes posturas para intentar captar con la camara todo mi cuerpo. Fotos desde arriba, desde detras, de abajo a arriba jaja! Una curiosa experiencia.\A wooden armchair and pillow is that I need to do this shot! I try different positions to capture with the camera all my body. Shots from up to down, from the back, down to up... hehe! I'm trying show my body and have fun at same time. Is cool do it, after see the pics in camera then I motivated more and more and try more perspectives. A cool experience!"
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Mar 14, 2015 Serena_B//"TechnicolorEarth"
"At the end of the day, I feel most comfortable when I surround myself with nature, so it made complete sense to me to shoot myself both in nature itself and a setting with nature inspired patterns. I wanted to create a contract between actual nature and what I consider 'artificial nature'. I wanted my shoot to be calming and peaceful as that is how I felt while photographing myself. All the colours I put together including my bodily colours was to compliment the notion of a tranquil nature photograph."
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Mar 13, 2015 Bobbie_R//"lit_erotic"
"I was at my friend's dad's warehouse and he is an artist. There were so much books and erotica everywhere. I got a book out and it's called The Big Book of Penis and I got inspired. I thought I would be naughty and set up an atmosphere using his big photography lights. So I got naked and started shooting myself with the book. I felt sexy in a classy intelligent way because I was surrounded by books and the blow up world globe made me feel worldly!"
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Mar 13, 2015 Carmen_S//"raw_material"
"I knew straight away how I wanted to shoot myself. I LOVE dressing up and my look lends itself to the more exotic side, native Indian-esque, war paint, goddess, mother of nature. Then there is my artist side, I had to be around my tools, in my 'natural environment'. It is dark, even dank, but the things that come out are my beautiful babies of art!"
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Mar 12, 2015 Miabelle//"dame_dizzy"
"For my first I Shot Myself set I really wanted to go for a 40's vintage aesthetic. I am an avid vintage clothing collector and I also do a variety of styles of swing dance and vintage vernacular jazz dance. I used to be a burlesque performer and always incorporated 30's-50's styles into my acts, and my love of vintage really flourished through this. Getting to shoot in such a gorgeous old 40's house was a real treat too! The carpet is all authentic, as was my dress, and my stockings belonged to my grandmother in the 30's!"
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Mar 11, 2015 mew//"holiday" Video
Goddamn, Mew... just when we were calming down from your "Girls" video, you come back and whack us in the heart with this. Just watching you dance would be enough to send us into a tizzy, but seeing you dance naked... the things you do to yourself, the way that you move... ooh. You are golden.
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Mar 11, 2015 Gerri//"rise_and_shine"
"I pretty much just woke up, had a shower and then decided to create my folio. At first it took me a while to get into it and I had no idea what I was really doing. I soon began to see what angles looked best and gained confidence in my body, I also realised how bad my tan lines were! By the end of the shoot I was so into it and I didn't want to stop but I knew my roommate was on their way home so had to put the camera down."
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Mar 10, 2015 Megan_M//"Pied_papaver"
"This shoot was great fun, as a dancer I thought it would be a good idea to add a element of my job into the shoot. In fact I shot this while getting ready for work, my new house mate didn't know what I do so when she walked in half way through it was very funny, great ice breaker! We both laughed it off. I hope that my shoot has shown how comfortable I am as a naked person. Being naked is how I feel most sexy. I'm all for dressing up, the the rawness of just a naked body is such a turn on to me though."
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Mar 09, 2015 Gizelle_Z//"french_breakfast"
"This one was shot in a bedroom, yes, very common... But I loved the mirror and felt very comfortable. I felt I had the chance to show my whole body posing in front of that mirror, so I took it. I was wearing no make up and I had just woken up, so I'm sharing my most intimate here :P"
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