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New Releases

Sep 14, 2014 Frankie_D//"paper_route"
"I "borrowed" a crap tonne of newspapers from my work and got to work, cutting out the first words on the page that jumped out at me. It felt slimy but cool going onto my skin. This feeling was such a relief because when I shot the first part, I got burnt like a little lobster at the beach. So, I had to wait til I had healed, and in that time I had changed my hair and added in another tatt or two here and there. Despite this little setback though, it was lots of fun!"
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Sep 13, 2014 Laoise//"get_yr_kicks"
"I should be used to the freezing Irish cold, but it really doesn't get any easier! I shot myself outside because I wanted to use an environment that suited me. I'm not your average girly girl, so decided I'd make this shoot a little boyish almost and incorporated my skateboard and my favourite Adidas jacket which helped shield me from the cold a little! The bright blue jacket looked 10 times brighter against the grey concrete ground."
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Sep 12, 2014 jae//"noon_delight"
"I shot this folio in my kitchen and outside. Both settings were nerve-wrackingly exciting, I'm not sure if anyone saw me... but if someone did I guess they liked it! In the past I made it obvious that I liked grabbing random things and posing with them. Mmm, needs more swords. Maybe for a video, right? Haha, hope you all enjoy!"
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Sep 12, 2014 Olivia_B//"if_you_please"
"At first I was nervous being naked, but found that after a few shots I was actually really enjoying it and found a sense of freedom. I can't wait to get naked now because it's so fun and daring and I love to see people's reactions (especially men). While I was shooting, my 'good friend' (the neighbour's cat) came to visit. After using him as a prop in my photos, it's safe to say I didn't see him again for a few weeks!"
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Sep 11, 2014 Sasha_S//"doof_doof"
"I don't normally take photos of myself, and at first I was finding it challenging to capture myself in a creative way. After a bit I got into it and had fun being in charge of everything about my shoot. I am confident about my body and was able to fully let myself flow with whatever pose or angle came to mind. I enjoyed myself immensely."
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Sep 10, 2014 Laura_N//"eyes_wide"
"Ich wache auf in meinem Bett, meine dreckigen Klamotten liegen verstreut um mich herum. Ich ziehe aus, was ich noch anhabe, wasche die Waesche und gehe duschen. Als die Waschmaschine fertig ist, haenge ich die Waesche in meinem Hintergarten auf. Danach mache ich noch einen kleinen Spaziergang durch die kleine Gasse hinter dem Haus. Anfangs war ich etwas gehemmt, aber nach kurzer Zeit wurde ich neugieriger und es machte sehr viel Spass."
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Sep 10, 2014 lizzie_x//"lizzies_anatomy1" Video
Woah. We're not really sure what just happened, but a few things are clear. One - Lizzie_X is a true healer who will always help those in need, even if they are fake strangers who happen to be trying to shower in her apartment. Two - gravity is a force to be respected. And three - if we ever have a party, we definitely want Lizzie_X there. Preferably dressed as a "nurse".
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Sep 09, 2014 Asuka//"lovebites"
"I began my shoot by dancing as it is one of my favorite things to do and helped me feel more comfortable before I started to slowly undress and reveal myself. I was quite shy at first, but then being in the nature opened me up and I felt free to be who I am. The only bad thing was all the mosquitos, I got so many bites! I really like this project and am very glad to take part."
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Sep 08, 2014 Becca//"take_the_bit"
"I am normally the one behind the camera so it was rather interesting being on the other side. I've always loved being naked - and it was so much fun trying to discover angles and light and poses to show myself off! But I loved every minute of it! Ollie, my beautiful arab gave this shoot quite a fun take, but man was it hard work dealing with a live animal, especially one this big!"
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Sep 08, 2014 Aurora_C//"nice_dream"
A beautiful hot day deserves to be enjoyed. I put down a blanket and lay down, running my hands through the lucious green grass. It felt good on my skin, very good. I unbuttoned my playsuit to feel the breeze over my breasts and took off the whole thing. Lying there with just my baby blue cotton underwear on and nothing else, I wanted to capture the moment and took out my camera. Fantasies of being caught by the gardener started to enter my mind. I started to feel aroused. I felt extrememly sexy, beautiful and gorgeous. I loved how my body looked and I loved being naked outdoors."
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Sep 07, 2014 Lana_A_&_Ricardo//"SwampFruits_2"
"The swamp is one of the most magical locations in nature in my eyes. The wilderness, the wild feel, thousands of bats in the strees. I just came here to perform my tai chi moves and to relax and meditate. The perfect location for an intimate duet shoot." - Ricardo
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Sep 07, 2014 Mikayla_S//"a_b_c"
"So my journey with ISM begin in my room stareing at the camera thinking "what am I doing!" I wanted to go with the simplistic raw type vibe, so the blank wall in my room did the trick. The first photos I took I kept a few items of clothes on, and the camera didn't venture far from my face or upper body... until I figured I need to be brave and go crazy!"
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Sep 06, 2014 Jesse_A//"princesspeach"
"I love gaming and decided to shoot in the bedroom where I feel myself away from reality. I wore my rabbit onesie because I'm not afraid to show my embarassing girly side and I ususally wear it to cheer me up on my off days. Mario and his friends were also very accomodating in the shoot and deserve my thanks in their participation :) I was a little shy, but I decided to be brave and reveal myself."
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Sep 05, 2014 Victoria_C//"mona_lisa"
"I started the shoot as the rain was falling in a beautiful and lush back yard. As the weather is quite tempermental at the moment, the rain stopped and sun came through the heavy clouds. It was so liberating to be nude outside as I did my first shoot in the privacy of my own home. There is a direct view from the home behind me of my shooting spot which got me inspired and a bit horny as I am into exhibitionism. My housemates were home as well which added to my thrill, as they were watching me take the pictures. It was a beautiful experience."
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Sep 05, 2014 Stella_Z//"ecliptic"
"The rain was pouring down as I shot my folio, but it only made me more determined to capture some great shots! As I lay in the drizzle, the ground wet and muddy, I felt more in touch with nature than ever before. This has made me so much more comfortable being naked, clothed pictures are going to seem boring from now on!"
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