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New Releases

Mar 07, 2014 Sabrina_H//"stylemaven"
I shot myself for fun! It was a sexy moment and I really wanted to capture it forever. I was channeling every film star and every inspiring woman who ever influenced me and my style. Style and fashion have been important to me since before I learned to read - I always stole my mom's shoes! I shot in my friend's courtyard and even though the light was quite bright, I think the photos turned out okay."
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Mar 06, 2014 agathe//"lettre_d_amour"
"c'etait en debut d'apres midi, un jour ou je m'ennuyais. J'ai donc pris la decision de prendre des photos de moi pour mon copain reste en France. Au debut j'etais plutot timide avec l'appareil mais rapidement j'ai pris mes aises et c'est devenu un jeu. Un jeu avec les objects qui m'entouraient mais aussi avec les positions et rien de mieux pour se sentir bien dans son corps. J'ai donc decide de partager ces photos!"
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Mar 05, 2014 fern_d//"etceterism" Video
"I shot my video at a place which I hold very dearly to me. It's an old house. Once it was a luscious house; now it is overgrown and half torn down. I decided to paint my last painting there before the place gets demolished. It was a hot, sunny day and I was nervous that the crazy neighbor man and his demonic dog were going to come over and yell at me. I painted freely and roamed around in the backyard, getting unidentifiable sticky balls of grass on my socks. I have paint all over my boots now, but it doesn't matter."
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Mar 05, 2014 amy_s//"capture_me"
"I like shooting myself very much. I do it at home often when eating, showering, lying in bed, so that I can get every beautiful moment in my life and look back in the future. I love naked. I am always naked as long as it is not too cold, the more I love naked in public as well, so I sometimes took some flash in the public. It was so excited! I also like fetish because I think I am looked beautiful and innocent when I am in rope. I love this look of mine."
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Mar 04, 2014 harriet_v//"arenaceous"
"A day of sunbathing turned into something I have never experienced before... naked photography! I had no time to feel insecure so I set about making the most of the sun, the sea and the sand. Beach balls, buckets and spades won't ever be the same again, they will now forever remind me of the fun times I had during that day trip to the beach!"
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Mar 03, 2014 katy_horde//"WoW"
"I have a love and obsession for elves, especially blood elves as I play one on World of Warcraft. I have recently changed my hair to green so I decided to get out and relax under a bushy tree in my backyard to take some pretty pictures. I had a lot of fun in this shoot, it really let me take on the role of such a beautiful and natural being."
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Mar 03, 2014 Anouk_A//"nu_vivant"
"J'ai ete modele vivant pendant des annes en france, je n'ai donc pas trop de tabou avec ma nudite. Par contre me prendre en photo a developpe un sentiment de feminite et une envie de seduction. J'ai fait avec les moyens du bord, et c'est la ma seule frustration car quand on peut vivre un experience comme ca, les idees debordent, mais avec peu de moyens ou de temps, elles ne peuvent pas s'exprimer. Donc pour conclure... on est pas rassasie de se prendre en photo!"
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Mar 02, 2014 olivia_k//"lunaria"
"One day I was walking in my grandma's garden taking some photos for a school project. The nature around me was captivating; I started to take photos of the animals and the beautiful plants. I was overcome with the urge to become a part of Mother Nature and started stripping off. At first it was just playing around, but then it started to feel like a necessity. To be naked in my grandmother's garden excited me and touching the earth with my naked body made me feel whole."
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Mar 02, 2014 juipur_&_chip//"sweetnothings_1"
"Oh memories. These were my favorite places to be with this boy. The bath tub, our old house that we had together, the woods near the house that he grew up in, on the first couch that I bought and was in love with, in the caves of our favorite place to hike and watch the sunset. Good feelings and so much love. It's nice to have these pictures with the first boy that I ever felt totally comfortable with. We're still best friends today and I'm sure we will continue to get naked and take pictures together for quite a long time!" -Junipur
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Mar 01, 2014 mai//"liquid_eyes"
"Most of these pictures were shot around my house while doing things I might usually do, except I am naked. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to shoot myself. At the end I felt very accomplished and was satisfied with the lighting."
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Feb 28, 2014 amy_talulah//"Libelle"
"My shooting was in the yard of a friends house, as I was still unsecure and I wanted to have some privacy - no people watching me! But after a few pictured with nice results, what surprised myself, I became more self confident - with the shooting as well as with my body. And it didn't matter too much anymore for me if my friends saw me randomly while I was crawling on the grass. I liked having the dragonflies on my skin - they gave the pictures a special aspect."
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Feb 28, 2014 verelee//"tricks_n_toys"
"I really enjoyed the process of the I Shot Myself project - it definitely appealed to the exhibitionist in me. I found it a bit difficult to find times and places to work in because I'm currently homeless and house/room sitting! Sneaking around and capturing moments when and where I could; almost getting caught so many times!"
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Feb 27, 2014 elsa_h//"cloudclimbing"
"It took me a couple of afternoons to compile the shots; some were taken on a sneaky day trip to the country, where I was surrounded by icy creeks, rain forests, and giant march flies that kept attacking my exposed body parts. The rest were taken in my backyard, rolling around naked on couches and tables and in the grass, underneath a summer sky full of smoky haze. It was super fun and now I just want to do it all the time! Am I being crazy?"
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Feb 26, 2014 ellabella//"awkwadorable" Video
We actually don't find Ellabella very awkward at all - her decisive and flowing speech is really more funny than anything, and her photos are well confident. But she's got the adorable part down, and, well, she's right that shooting yourself is pretty damn awks - have you ever tried to get a good photo of your own bum? Anyway, Ellabella doesn't mind a bit of awkwardness. She knows that getting past it makes things even more gratifying.
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Feb 26, 2014 ferrana//"orgullosa"
"Participar en este proyecto ha sido muy muy divertido, vivo en una casa compartida y decidi hacer las fotos en exteriores para que no me vieran todos los chicos que viven en casa, el unico problema esque resulte quemada por el sol, aun asi la experiencia ha sido genial. Me he sentido muy comoda conmigo misma, porque pese a que no tengo un cuerpo perfecto, si que es bonito, poder mostrarlo y sentirme muy orgullosa."
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