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New Releases

Dec 23, 2015 hazel_a//"holiday_prep_3" Video
Part 3 marks the end of Hazel's Holiday Prep series, but she leaves us with an intimate story about a recent experience involving a couple she met at a bar. It's been quite the adventure exploring Hazel's wardrobe and getting to know her, and we're hopeful for more videos in the future. "I loved contributing to ISM video for the first time, and can't wait to see more of my naked self up there!" Enjoy your holidays, Hazel!
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Dec 23, 2015 Valerie_Rose//"freedom_time"
"I was a bit nervous at first because I really hated taking photos of myself. The idea of selfies really turned me off and I didn't think I was photogenic. Eventually I got the hang of it though and ended up having so much fun in the process. It felt so amazing to be naked and free to roam around my house and garden.Now I have so muuch more confidence with my body and expression and I'll be spending more naked time in my garden now too!"
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Dec 22, 2015 Logan_V//"babe_haven"
"This shoot was very much centered on self love and body acceptance, while showing me as the flirt that I am. I shot at several friends' places, as their houses were less creaky and noisy than mine. At one point during one of my first Beautiful Agony takes my friend's cat was staring me down from under the sofa to the right of me. I don't think I looked too distracted by it but I was definitely conscious of her eyeing me down while I was having a maz."
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Dec 21, 2015 Michelle_L//"mein_Tempel"
"Da ich ausser einiger Nacktbilder auf meiner scheiss Handykamera so etwas noch nie gemacht habe, war ich dem gegenueber sehr offen. Obwohl es viel schwerer war als ich dachte schoene, natuerlichaussehende Posen zu machen haben mich die Ergebnisse ermutigt einfach weiter zu machen. Ich hoffe es ist ersichtlich auf den Fotos, dass ich es total genossen habe! Vielleicht bringt das Alter Selbstvertrauen aber ich muss sagen, dass ich meine Fotos liebe und ich fuehle mich jetzt schoener als je zuvor! Ich bin froh, dass ich dieses Selbstvertrauen mit anderen teilen kann / Having never done anything like this except for some sneaky nude selfies using my bad phone camera I was very open towards it. Although it was much harder than I expected to get nice, natural looking poses, the results encouraged me to just keep going. I hope it becomes obvious when seeing my photos that I absolutely enjoyed it! Maybe confidence comes with age but I can say that I love my photos and having taken them made me feel more beautiful than ever! I'm happy I can share this confidence with others!"
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Dec 21, 2015 Marlee//"heart_a_flutter"
"Lush green grass, dandelions and butterflies; you'd never imagine this beautiful natural spot would be found in suburban area. I like to come here during the summertime on a warm day to lay in the sun and catch up on some drawing and reading. It was a resonably cool and overcast day, the weather was very calm and relaxing, almost sleepy. I decided this was a perfect time to take some photos. I found a beautiful bright green grassy spot to lay down, the grass was damp and cool against my skin as I began to photograph myself. I was in a very relaxed mood today, I thoroughly enjoyed this peaceful and freeing feeling of being naked on the cool wet ground. The odd passerby did not bother me and they pleasently went along doing their own thing going about their strolls through the beautiful natural environment. During my shoot I enjoyed picking wild flowers and watching the butteflies flutter past."
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Dec 20, 2015 Belle_V//"CaughtInTheAct"
"When I grabbed my camera to start my shoot, I also grabbed a plethora of ropes, sex toys and other props and placed them on my bed. When my mother returned home from shopping, she came into my room and found me trying to hide all my props! I explained what I was doing and all she said was "have fun and be safe". Her words made me question why I tried to hide in the first place. She made me realise that loving my body and wanting to share it with others isn't a bad thing. My body is beautiful and I shouldn't be ashamed. Because of that moment the rest of my shoot was amazing."
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Dec 19, 2015 CoCo_Moon//"chrysalism"
"The day I shot myself was a day of crazy weather. From pouring with rain and very cold pointy nipples to sunshine and sunburnt nipples. But it was okay as I had the house all to myself. That was until my very square flat mate arrived home unexpectedly. He found me on our patio sitting in the rain completely naked with my legs spread and a camera between them. Of course there was no shame, it just made for an awkward few minutes as I explained what I was doing."
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Dec 19, 2015 Julie_Y//"unboxing"
"During the shoot I found it funny to be nude, it never happens to me in photos. I like being nude, it is natural and nothing to be shame of. I had so much fun make the shoot, I hope you all like it and think it is nice and fun."
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Dec 18, 2015 Jade_S//"hypaflex"
"My shoot was about feeling sexually empowered and I had a lot of fun shooting myself. Having artistic control over my shoot was a great experience! I used glitter, snakes, flowers and my own reflection."
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Dec 18, 2015 Leeyah//"cardinal"
"what I like about this shoot in particular is the emptiness of the room. The blank canvas I gave myself really put the pressure on me to make the photo come alive. I was lucky enough to have chosen such an outrageous hair colour so that really helped to give the pictures some excitement! I loved the depth that the mirror provided too. A fun and thought provoking way to spend the day!"
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Dec 17, 2015 Leia//"fleur_jaune"
"A backyard is really good to shoot in, but the only day off I have is on Sunday and unfortunately my housemates do as well. But this Sunday was so sunny, no way to let this opportunity go. SO, I take my "courage" and start again being a Princess. Pussy the cat and Jasper the dog didn't really likes me playing in their field. An hour later, I was so warm and thought about a fresh beer which made me jump out the treehouse. Not yet on the ground I heard " Oh my God". I thought it was the neighbor or just someone in the street. None of them, it was just my housemates, John and Fabian having lunch a bit later than usual. They asked me what I did, so I show them some pictures. They told me to do a book with that, well, ISM is kind of."
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Dec 16, 2015 hazel_a//"holiday_prep_2" Video
"I shot a video for you because I wanted to show off my lingerie that I've been slowy collecting." Hazel really has quite the collection of sexy lingerie. She is asking viewers for their opinions so quickly jump onto the forums and catch her before she flies off to give her your favorite picks.
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Dec 16, 2015 Arabella_M//"beauty_is_truth"
"I shot my folio in one of my favorite places - my terrace house courtyard. It's full of vegetable plants and overgrown vines that are slowly swallowing our little yellow garden shed. My friends and I were drinking punch in the early afternoon before I did my shoot, listening to the perfect summer dance music. My friend Elsa_H was running around the courtyard naked with me for moral support - she snuck into a couple of the photos! I also may have gotten a little too much sun, my shoulders are sunburnt! Oops."
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Dec 15, 2015 Sage_G//"archipelago"
"My folio is all about releasing my free spirit. I took my shots at a beautiful beach, where I had lots of fun in the sand and sun, earning myself a few funny looks. Especially when I was at the sea shore completely naked with only some shells and seaweed to cover myself! All up I had an awesome day, really enjoyed myself and got the results I wanted. Hope you enjoy my folio as much as I enjoyed making it!"
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Dec 14, 2015 Lotty_Osborn//"inner_glow"
"I have never taken nude photos of myself before. When I got the opportunity with ishotmyself I decided it was time to explore the taboo of nude photography. It was shocking how comfortable I was doing it and I found the experience overall a truly liberating one. It gave my a better understanding of my own body and allowed me to be less critical of body."
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