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New Releases

Oct 05, 2014 Nancy_O_&_Bobbie_R//"play_date_1"
"It was Sunday morning - walking up the stairs to our friend's apartment in slutty knee-high stockings, faux fur jackets and crop tops, we joked that we were porn stars about to shoot unmentionable scenes in an unassuming leafy suburb. Our friend even started referring to us as "ladies" before he headed out for a coffee, leaving us to our own devices. We had a lot of fun prancing around naked and being sexy in a nerdy boy's apartment (if you look closely you might spot some Dr Who paraphernalia in the background!) We are best friends, so naturally we make excellent playmates." -Nancy_O
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Oct 05, 2014 Priya_N//"sun_beams"
"My shoot was done inside my bedroom, a place I like to get away and relax when I'm not caught up in my busy life as a student and bar girl. I woke up early to shoot my folio as the morning sun shines right through my large window. After the shoot I got back into my busy life and went straight to uni, feeling more confident than ever."
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Oct 04, 2014 Emma_B//"Keine_Sorge"
"Das einzige Problem war...wir wohnen nicht alleine, sondern im einer WG. Mein Freund hielt Ausschau in der Kueche und ich ging in den Garten als die Sonne draussen war. Zuerst war es ein komisches Gefuehl mich aus zu ziehen und selfies zu machen. Und das auch noch nackt...Aber irgendwann hat sich das ganze normal und es wurde eher natuerlich. Keiner hat mich bemerkt wie ich im Garten Nackig rumgetanzt habe und die Bilder wurden meist sehr schoen."
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Oct 03, 2014 Elfi//"makea_solmua"
"Eras ystavani on kiinnostunut japanilaisesta koysisidonnasta, ja nain koydet lojumassa lattialla yhtena paivana ja inspiroiduin niiden nakemisesta valtavasti. Kokemus oli todella nautinnollinen, etenkin koysien tuntu ihollani. En ole koskaan kokeillut tallaista aiemmin, mutta se oli niin kamalan ihanaa etta taidan tehda sita lisaa...! Kukkaset olivat ideani lisata vahan sensuellia tunnetta koysiin, jotka itseasiassa ovat erittain sensuelleja sellaisenaan, mutta olin aina ennen pitanyt tammoisia juttuja aika rajuina..."
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Oct 03, 2014 Leah_L//"little_gift"
"This was shot in my garden... I was meant to be doing some planting but it was such a gorgeous day! There just isn't anything better than getting naked in dirt. So I took a few photos... hopefully the neighbours didn't see! Was a little strange at first but oddly liberating. I haven't told my boyfriend yet... I think I'll get him a log-in for his birthday."
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Oct 02, 2014 Monica_V//"up_and_up"
"I took some of the photos in my parents' back yard, they live on a large, beautiful propery in the country. Others I took in my backyard and house and the rest at my best friend's house. I have a very free, down to earth personality, and have been brought up to be comfortable with my body and public nudity. Making the shoot easy and fun. I also love photography and rarely have the opportunity to photograph myself. Can't wait for next time."
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Oct 01, 2014 Harley_S//"shipwrecked"
"I am stuck on a Carribean island for a few months and have very little to entertain me here. I am a nudist by nature and love to snap photos whenever the opportunity arises. I was given a golf cart so I searched for the most quiet places to snap some shots. I found some luscious mangroves and a remote beach on the north end of this island no one ventures to, or so I thought, so there I got naked and went wild. A yacht pulled up and three yachties jumped on a tender to see what I was up to. I acted as if I was just out nude sunbathing, and continued to snap shots in the trees. I ended up taking pictures the entire afternoon, got a little sunburn on my bum and some beautiful shots."
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Oct 01, 2014 elsa_h//"lifeskills_2" Video
Elsa H seems markedly more confident with her cocktail shaker than she is with her tire iron, and really, who can blame her - a well-muddled mojito is more welcome than a merely un-flat tire any day of the week. There's really no comparison to be made - we just wish she could reach through the screen, and share. Stay tuned for a bonus life lesson, before the video ends.
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Sep 30, 2014 chloe_m//"v_e_n_u_s"
"VENUS is about a type of homage to feminine power and mystery. I aimed to shoot something that was ambigious and that the viewer could impose their own ideas upon the images. I shot in a friends house which was outside of my comfort zone but eventually I found I became more one with the space I was shooting."
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Sep 29, 2014 Manko//"aidoru"
A day when we release one of our jealously guarded Manko shoots is a special occasion here at HQ, where we've broken out the bubbly and sit paging, misty-eyed, through Manko's back catalogue. So much beauty, so much excellence. If you haven't seen the videos, Iconologica 1 and 2, which accompany this folio, we highly recommend watching them first. We'll be right here when you're done, sighing, and dreaming of Manko.
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Sep 29, 2014 Barb//"right_thru_me"
"At the begining of my shoot I was feeling a bit off. I wasn't sure how to go about taking the photos or how to portray my body in a flattering way. My boyfriend joined me out in the yard and reminded me why I wanted to do this; to show my body honestly and have fun with the project. We turned on the stereo and danced around for a bit until I felt relaxed and comfortable. The plastic wrap gave me confidence too. I loved the way it looked against my skin and the colours it made when the light shined through it."
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Sep 28, 2014 Izzabella//"fata_de_ziarul"
"I loved writing some words on me, I can translate some: pizda - pussy. Pasiune - passion, placere - pleasure, clitoris - I think it's clitoris too in english. Apoi a vrut - 'and then he wanted'. It's funny how I found this words in the newspaper, it matched perfectly when I glued it near my pussy. It wasn't a very hot day, the wind was bad, but I manage the newpapers with scotch tape and rocks so they won't leave."
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Sep 28, 2014 Molly_D//"unstructured"
"I recently had a kid join me in the park whilst practicing yoga and when his grandma called him away an hour or so later, he commented "You know, your training is more like playing!" Instead of being insulted, I felt that it was the biggest compliment that I had received in a long time and the more I thought about it the more I decided that more adults need to learn to 'play'. Hopefully I captured that attitude in this series of photographs, you're never too old to play!"
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Sep 27, 2014 Milana//"urban_legend"
"I had all of these wonderful ideas, but I underestimated things like angles, and how far my arm would actually reach and how hard it is to hold a camera with your feet! It was difficult! Haha. I had a wonderful time, embracing my body and seeing myself from so many angles and in a whole new light. I didn't use alot of props, I wanted to really work with different positions and natural beauty. What I may criticize, someone else could love."
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Sep 26, 2014 ambra_a//"TangledLight"
It doesn't take much to make Ambra_A happy - just strong sunshine, roses as red and lush as her lips, and a perfect blue sky have got her beaming bright enough to give that sun a run for its money. It doesn't take much to make us happy, either. Just Ambra_A - with a camera in her hand, of course.
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