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New Releases

Dec 02, 2016 Sapphire//"the_rebel"
"I have always been interested in exploring different concepts of sex, nudity and how both empower an individual. Growing up with a conservative family background, I was always taught to cover up but rebelling against all odds really did its justice. Despite doing semi-nude shoots with various photographers before, holding a camera and working on my ishotmyself project was a whole new experience. After feeling nervous through the first couple of photos, I grew more comfortable with my body and shooting from 'explicit' angles made me appreciate everything I had down to every scar I beared. I am now walking around stark naked whenever I get the chance to because I love feeling so liberated! I want to thank ISM for opening me to a world I never thought had existed and letting me be a part of it. One Love x"
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Dec 01, 2016 Bobbi_J//"hot_and_heavy"
"This was my first I Shot Myself experience and I had so much fun doing it! Taking photos of my naked body makes me feel so empowered and sexy. I turned myself on while I was making out with my reflection in the mirror and I love staring into the lens with the look of desire and satisfaction, as if I'm fucking myself or whoever is going to look at the photo. I am currently making a move out of my little hick, set in its square ways town that I grew up in, it's so refreshing. Along side of I Shot Myself it makes me feel like I'm taking over the world! I shot these photos in my little room and made the most of the space. My roommate and his friends were in the other room while things were getting hot and heavy on my side of the door. It made me feel "naughty" knowing that they could hear my camera shutter going off while I was alone in my room. I wonder if they wondered what was going on. I look forward to doing this more and more. :)"
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Nov 30, 2016 Jazz_J//"jazz_cat_1"
"I loved the idea of filming my shoot, I talk to myself all the time anyway so this way I didnt feel as crazy as I was talking to the camera. I felt really comfortable, the idea of creating a story behind the shoot shows a lot more of who I am, catching all the funny things that happen throughout.. like having a tampon on my bed that the cat was playing with as we hadn't bought him any toys yet or tradies walking past, I'm butt naked and my blinds are all the way up, these are the kind of memories you want to catch on film."
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Nov 30, 2016 Katie_C//"sorrynotsorry"
"The day I shot myself...I never thought I'd be writing those words! It was a classic Melbourne day; sun, cloud, wind, rain, sun again...My partner was working from home that day, so I told her firmly not to come into the bedroom for awhile, or to look at me for that matter! I said she can see all the photos after, but I'd feel like a total klutz if she watched me. In a nutshell, photographing myself didn't come naturally, but the more I clicked the more confident/adventurous I became, and before you know it I'm strutting around my backyard naked, jumping onto bikes, and pulling my dog, Chutney into the frame for a spontaneous selfie! Apologies to the people who live around me - (un)fortunately the best light in our house comes from the window that fronts onto a busy street. #sorrynotsorry"
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Nov 29, 2016 Tashi//"eternally_me"
"One week after moving in with two of the most beautiful people I've ever met, I asked to use one of their balconies, and strolled naked outside into the open air to shoot myself. Mirror facing mirror, I arranged the shoot in a way that reminded me of the bed I used to have back home in Shanghai, where my parents still live. On that bed, I remember lying down at night and looking into the mirror at the foot of the bed, only to see the reflection from the mirror behind me on the headboard, and the reflections just carried on forever. Connecting with that feeling of being home, being comfortable, and being a child again, I fell into the photoshoot easily, and tried to experiment with recreating the eternal reflections. I didn't necessarily feel beautiful or glamorous, but I felt open and confident, connecting with a past me that had grown into the present me who is whole and fragmented at the same time. Excuse the flowery language, my film degree has made me more pretentious than I'd like to be."
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Nov 28, 2016 Juliets_Gun//"midnight_black"
"This took place in my room at the southeast wall a little past noon. I was thinking pins, needles and dolls. I think I was listening to Richard Marx. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, just children screaming outside, nothing unusual. But there's something about Richard Marx's songs that makes me want to twist things. I didn't notice until I uploaded the photos onto my laptop that I ended up twisting my hair, legs, body and arms throughout the whole set. I wonder what would happen if I listened to a mad man banging on a piano while taking photos."
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Nov 28, 2016 elise e//"metal_magenta"
"I had a great time doing I Shot Myself. I would do it again and again! Since I have no lights in my house pretty much I found it hard to get the lighting right, but once I figured that out the rest is history. I think everyone should have a go at this, I think it helps people get over their insecurities and it is just have a bit of fun! I love how positive everyone is here and the people have a great chill vibe. Would definitely recommend this to my mates! I wish I had a car so I could've found a rad location, but that's probably the only thing I regret about it!"
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Nov 27, 2016 Jasmyna//"freedom"
"I wanted to do an outside shoot, so I found a secluded spot near the beach, amongst nature. I was a bit wary of dog walkers and passers by, but once the sun came out and I stripped off, I felt really comfortable in my own skin. It was an invigorating feeling, and really warming to be out there, amongst wild rabbits and birds. I would definitely love to do more outdoors shoots in the future. And with my money shots, it was a spontaneous and fun shoot for me. I felt a bit sassy getting naked and playing with wads of cash, and using a dark backdrop with plenty of natural light really brought out my shots in a great light! It was a fun and flirty shoot, and I'll just have to keep on collecting the cash to make it a much bigger shoot next time!"
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Nov 27, 2016 Jessica_R//"ginger_delight"
"I started off by having a hot soak in an oily bath, put on a robe, my favourite underwear and some sensual music. At first I felt slightly nervous although it was only me and my camera, but a couple of photos in I started to get into it, the clothes came off and I played around with mirrors to really get to know myself. Even the kitten kept trying to get in the shoot, she didn't want to miss out. I've always been body confident (no matter what size) although taking pictures of myself made me feel even better about the way I look. I think everyone should take the time to look at themselves naked for 10 minutes a day at least, it does wonders."
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Nov 26, 2016 bonny//"spring_palms"
"I wanted to shoot this with the sun rising, but every time I was awake early enough the sunrise was a non-event. On the morning I did shoot this, it was not very good either but it was the best I had in a while to work with. I am not really a morning person, but despite the gloomy day, I woke up feeling naughty, so I shot this and stayed in bed all day!"
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Nov 26, 2016 Adele_G//"luminary"
"I was really nervous at first because I have never really been so naked and taken photos of myself before (except those cheeky few nudies I sent to my ex, you're welcome mate). But as the shoot went on I got more and more comfortable in my skin and started to do some "weird" poses and experimenting with putting the camera right between my legs. I started smiling more and I really enjoyed it."
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Nov 25, 2016 Ebony_Q//"velvet_queen"
"My shoot is based around literature and inspired by my love for experiencing other worlds/realms and perspectives. For this shoot, I set up in my own loungeroom, scattered all of my books on the ground and photographed myself amongst them, occasionally using a mirror. I enjoyed this shoot thoroughly!"
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Nov 24, 2016 Rosie_A//"badass"
"I want to think of myself as a powerful creature. In this shoot, I tried to demonstrate command over my own body as well as command over the viewer's experience. I loved the physicality of this shoot and it was liberating having ALL the creative control. Here I am and all my badass, bare-ass self. Don't mess with me."
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Nov 23, 2016 Simona_M//"falling_year_2"
"My idea for the theme of the shoot evolved over the course of a couple of days. You can feel spring in the air but winter is still very much here. That was where I got the idea to contrast the different locations. The different weather and feel of each location also adds to the contrast. I think you can really feel the different atmosphere of each setting."
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Nov 23, 2016 Billy_M//"dipterous"
"I enjoyed doing this shoot, I felt comfortable and sexy just being natural. I've done a lot of modelling and have been published in magazines in the past. It's all about make up and hair, being "beautiful", so to do this completely natural and photoshop-free makes me feel like I can be sexy without all the make up, fake hair, lighting, expensive cameras and editing."
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