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New Releases

Mar 06, 2017 Lilie//"short_shorts"
It would seem that Lilie is our resident eclipse; a much admired contributor that has been making a semi-regular appearance to our fair site since shortly after its conception. Today she delivers a folio that wonderfully illustrates her enviable beauty and talent and we are eternally grateful that this demigoddess has blessed us with over a decade of stunning folios.
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Mar 06, 2017 Jade_D//"minimalistic"
"Moving house again and I flashed back to how I had nothing 18 months ago and how at the time what I have now would have been a lot. This is why my theme for this photo shoot was minimalistic. I really feel like this has been an up-hill battle with body issues when I was younger and I finally feel womanly. I love the light in my life and reflection in the mirror as it embodies it all."
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Mar 05, 2017 Bina//"mit_mir"
"I went to one of my favourite places to do this shoot. I felt very comfortable with being naked and in comparison to the last time, I wasn't nervous at all about people coming to that place and seeing what I am doing. I even ran naked up and down the beach leaving my clothes far away. This made me feel very good and free. I had a lot of fun with myself."
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Mar 05, 2017 Lyla_C//"river_side"
"When shooting the photographs in nature, I most definitely distracted a few cyclists! It felt strangely normal though and I was so relaxed throughout, I absolutely loved it. I didn't love the insect bite on my bum though, but that comes with the territory. I took a few pictures in front of my large glass balcony windows. I stripped off quickly while no one was on the street, then suddenly a whole tram full of people passed by, all looking in my direction. I hope it made their journey more exciting."
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Mar 04, 2017 Eliza_S//"my_element"
"I bought a new mirror off gumtree and I swear it weighs 500kg, so my 40kg self carried this heavy af thing up to the third floor of my house for this shoot. Well worth the effort because I think the effort really toned me up for this shoot lol jks. I was really in my element here because I've spent 1/3 of my life taking naked pictures of myself in my room. My friends always say that I will use any excuse to get naked and thats why I love the I shot myself project! Thank u FECK xxx"
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Mar 04, 2017 Sarah_E//"miss_chef"
"Clothes belong on the floor. There is nothing like seeing a nice tie dance on the carpet with a lacy pair of French knickers. I imagine you naked looking at me naked, I hope that you take a selfie - I did and I loved it! I was planning a lot of outdoor shots, thing is though, Melbourne is a fickle mistress and she didn't want to play. My advice is that if you are not naked, turn on the heater. At least some of your tax dollars ought to go to outdoor heating - that way you are more likely to run into one of us nudies. My house was full of of friends for this shoot. I managed to break a chair outside in the middle of the day, grazed a knee and laughed a lot and friends should learn to knock. Great fun, loved it!"
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Mar 03, 2017 Petrova//"woman"
"At first it was hard for me to take pictures of myself because when I was growing up people always use to say to me "you're so small", "you're so skinny" "you look really young". It may sound like compliments on paper but they were not, not at all. I hated it because it made me feel like I have the body of a girl and not a woman and no matter how many times my Mom or my partner's used to tell me I looked fine just the way I am I still felt like that. But after a while I started to feel lucky, most of my friends started to lose their figure and I didn't! My body stayed the same since I was 15 and I actually liked it, in the middle of the shoot it became easy for me and fun just like the way I feel about myself today. I know some people may think I have a body of a girl but I like it. I feel like a woman."
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Mar 02, 2017 Laura_W//"rose_mary"
"My long hair is my favourite feature as I also consider myself a "long-hair" with hippie values and aesthetics. I chose to photograph myself with objects that represent this, such as my hand-painted Revolution sign and my yin yang towel. I also captured myself with objects that make me feel more beautiful and feminine such as my lace fan, my French rosary beads, and my white Gunne Sax dress, as well as with my beautiful ragdoll cat. I'm a writer so I took some photos of myself with a quill that I had lying around, as well as in my office space. I would have liked to take a few more photos in my office but the window is HUGE and faces a block of units, so I had to be coy. I also took a few photos of myself doing everyday things since, well, my life isn't all about lounging around with beautiful things."
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Mar 01, 2017 Luna_T//"la_libertine"
"I had lots of fun shooting in different locations and trying different ways to capture the body. Definitely got walked in on naked quite a few times, particularly when I was wrapped up in the plum tree! And I'm still finding glitter in interesting places after that particular set of photos. Which definitely isn't an issue to me ;)"
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Mar 01, 2017 Lyndsea//"rustic_kiss_1"
"Today I'm going to do my shoot outside. I decided to bring a bed sheet to keep it classic. I have some soaps and lotions to add to my shoot and make it a natural outdoor wet scene. I left my hair messy today because I'm going to get it soaking wet and I kind of like that look. I'm also going to be working with the concept of 'nude through' so I'll be wearing no underwear and my shirt will get wet and see-through. I think that's really sexy."
Feb 28, 2017 Mirren//"entity"
"This shoot was great fun, trying to make my body interesting to look at by doing things like grabbing a bottle of Colgate mouthwash and placing it over myself in a seductive way. But it was also great just for body confidence, thinking about my recent sexual experiences and reflecting on the way my body had been objectified, it was a good way to embrace my bits and bobs just as is. I really like my body, I've found. Being rudie nudie and enjoying it has been so great for my self esteem and just thinking, this is my body, this is Mirren's body. It's pretty grouse to me. :)"
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Feb 27, 2017 Shony//"lazy_noon"
"I shot this set late in the afternoon around the same time I usually laze around and nap. I loved using my new pillow and it was a lot of fun just wriggling around in bed taking cute photos. I was genuinely sleepy and took a nap after shooting these!"
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Feb 27, 2017 Bettie_B//"crush_inducing"
"I loved this experience! I'm not going to lie, I got stuck numerous times, trying to think of ideas and it was a very confronting and sometimes vulnerable experience that forced me to see all of the beautiful and ugly details of my body that I would usually try to avoid.. Especially from a camera! But that's what I loved about it and I'm so glad I gave it a go."
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Feb 26, 2017 Jane_F//"krasota"
"I like this folio more than my first one. It's much more natural. I felt awesome doing this. I took off my dress and underwear, I started playing with myself. I just felt so hot and sexy, that was amazing! You can see how much I enjoyed it looking at my face. This is something really genuine from me."
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Feb 25, 2017 Henna_&_Lilly_P//"free_together_2"
"We loved this one - so much fun! We used a (very kind, very patient) friend's spare room for the shoot, turned the music on full blast (thank you Shakira!) and basically did what we always do when we're together. We really liked doing a duet, it turned out to be a very different experience to a solo shoot! We are each other's favourite people and we always feel far more free and accepting of our bodies around each other - we hope it showed! We'd absolutely recommend this to any couple or pair of friends. Once we loosened up a little, it really was just a great time. Before half an hour was up we had 200 photos, and we truly just spent the entire time laughing, laughing."
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