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New Releases

Dec 15, 2014 Ellen_P//"look_in"
"These photos were taken in my bedroom on a beautiful sunny Friday. I thought I would use the huge deer wall hanging behind my bed as a backdrop to make the shoot seem more mystical and enchanting combined with the reflections and angles from the mirror."
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Dec 14, 2014 Amara//"flush_of_gold"
"Before the shoot I had different feelings. I felt pretty excited but it was also something I've never done before so I thought it might be a challenge for me. After I took my clothes off, I felt totally free, I felt like I went back to my roots, very tribal and natural, and I realized that it is such a normal thing. I even thought I wanna be naked more often now. Also, I didn't mind people watching me anymore, which I did before."
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Dec 14, 2014 Lounah//"kiss_thy_skin"
"This time it's all about fun in the sun, Jurassic adventures in the back yard and Melbourne's spring flowers. Welcoming the Summer heat by frollicking nude in the back yard. This shoot will inspire a lot more summer adventures in the birthday suit, I'm sure. Feeling the fresh air all over your body rocks! Let the Sun kiss thy skin!"
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Dec 13, 2014 Amna//"hello_me"
"For months I've had 'self-love mirror' at the top of my wishlist. I wanted to spend time with myself and see into myself, easily and often. I wanted to bear witness to my shapes and features, and stare into my eyes until everything else falls away and I am broken open by my own unconditional attention. The morning before this shoot, this beautiful mirror came home with me, much bigger than what I originally had in mind. It fits all of me and more. This folio is a greeting, a first time meeting of old friends."
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Dec 12, 2014 Carla//"sweetest_thing"
"I shot myself at two locations. The first was behind a set of train tracks in the woods. I came across a mud pit and was excited to get a little dirty. I had a blast being nude in the mud and shooting myself. I felt so free. The second location was behind my house which is also surrounded by woods. I laid out a blanket with my guitar and even got a nap in after I shot myself. I felt so good about myself after my shoot."
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Dec 12, 2014 Fiona_S//"spegel_flicka"
"Forst kom vi in i lagenheten, fick ett foto-rum och kom i stamning. Spegeln pa plats och allt, vida oppna fonster. Jag borjade sakta luta mig ut genom fonstet, plotsligt gick dar forbi tva malare. Vi blev alla fem lika shockade men sakta kom jag i stamning igen. Deras dag hade foralltid foandrats av min validiga modiga stallning."
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Dec 11, 2014 Ali_A//"mad_ali"
"Red Bluff Cliffs is one of my favourite places. The dramatic cliffs, the pleasing curves of the ridges... perfect beauty, perfect light. Many a time there’s been a professional photographer snapping away at a swimwear model, a ballerina... and then there’s me. Naked. At first I started the shoot in a more secluded spot, a little bit modest. But then I started getting comfortable, experimenting - and then the sun came out and set the golden-orange sand on fire. I couldn’t resist – I shot myself, naked, in plain view of a wedding photographer and his fully-clothed model."
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Dec 10, 2014 sophia_m//"the_tempest_2" Video
Sophia_M trades her ballet slippers for tap shoes, and as graceful and enchanting as part 1 was... watching her tap naked is just something else. Her dramatic shock of hair, that insatiable energy, and her frank discussion brings new dimensions to our rapidly developing picture of Sophia M. And watch til the end, for some exciting bonus chook footage.
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Dec 10, 2014 Anoushka//"etre_ecran"
"Nous sommes ce que nous montrons au monde. J'ai voulu transformer mon corps en un ecran qui acceuille et renvoi le monde. Un retro-projecteur, decoupe et transparents furent utilises. Tout ce qui nous touche deviens ensuite une part de ce representons. Utilise le corp comme un ecran inverse egalement l'idee de la femme publicitee, toujours la meme stereotypee longue et froide, eclairee a n'importe quelle heure du jour ou de le nuit. Etre un ecran force le spectateur a regarder ce qu'il y a sur/dans moi, et non la nudite."
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Dec 09, 2014 India_Q//"indiansummer"
"Initially I had the idea to go out into the bush where I grew up, but I was a tad nervous about being in a place where someone might stumble across me. So I begun in my back yard, my own little sactuary. I was nervous in the beginning, despite it just being me home.. I became very curious about myself though in the process and ended up with so much inspiration that I jumped in my car - basically naked - and drove out to the bush where I had initially planned to go. It was incredibly freeing and inspiring, I was isolated and felt at one with nature."
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Dec 08, 2014 maddison//"silt_&_soil"
"It was hot. I got wet. I couldn't go swimming because I was scared to on my own because there are leeches that wiggle past you when you stay still too long, so I dipped my head in the water and splashed myself. the first few photos were from the top of a waterfall that had stopped running, I saw the sign for it and turned down a dirt track I didnt know, my car wouldn't get down all the way so I left it and walked. Driving home to town with the windows down I felt liberated and sexy, I couldn't help touching myself in the car."
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Dec 08, 2014 Natalie_M//"traces_left"
"Cialo to dla mnie opowiesc, podroz. Kazdy moment, kazde przezycie zostawia slady na ciele - blizny, tatuaze, zadrapania, to czesc twojej historii, to twoje zycie. Podroz, zarowno metaforyczna jak i jak najbardziej rzeczywista jak kazde inne doswiadczenie odciskuje pietno. Stad slady opon, droga, farba zostawiajaca na ciele symboliczne znamie. Cialo jest opowiescia, moje cialo zabiera mnie w niesamowite miejsca, pozwala odczuwac przyjemnosc i cala game zmyslowych emocji. Dzieki niemu zanurzam sie w podrozy i w opowiesciach.//Body is a storytelling for me, journey leaves traces on the body just like life and all experiences do - scars, tattoos and such. A car leaving traces symbolises road and scars of experiences, people, meetings. My body is a vehicle taking me into places and allowing me to enjoy and to experience sensually."
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Dec 07, 2014 ada//"changes"
"I took my camera few times with me to prepare this folio.. I always choose days when I'm having really good mood, but time to time I'm loosing my smile.. that happened often lately.. Why? Big changes in my life.. On beginning I thought "bad changes", but now I know: the best changes in my whole life.. and the best is still ahead of me!!"
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Dec 07, 2014 Rose_C//"after_care"
"I was too excited to realise that the only time for me to shoot myself would be after a huge week of work finishing with a booked in surgery to have all 4 wisdom teeth out. Surgery was booked for 7am check in time and I had planned to shoot later that day. I don't know what I was thinking. I looked like a chipmunk! Well, I slept with ice packs and the next day my rodent cheeks had gone down a little, and I started shooting. I had to try not to laugh."
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Dec 06, 2014 Jenny_N//"SheWearsFlowers"
When I was in college I wrote a poem describing what my vagina would wear if it dressed itself, and I selected fresh flowers as the "wardrobe. I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate flowers into my photos, and daisies are my favourite. I've always felt that daisies are one of the most cheerful things that nature offers, and having them close by helped me to have a lot of fun with the shoot. Having the flowers in my hair and on my bare skin made me feel especially sexy."
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