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New Releases

Jun 12, 2016 Enki//"in_my_element"
"I was out in nature using things you find in nature, like leaves and feathers. Playing with the elements water, wind and sun made me feel relaxed and at one with my surroundings."
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Jun 11, 2016 Sapphi//"hanging_rock"
"I went outside to enjoy the sunshine. After finding a nice spot I stripped off and started shooting. Unfortunately I had an audience! An older chap was hanging around offering to help. I assured him I was quite fine on my own and after a little chat I headed home - my favourite place! As soon as I came home I got naked again and ejoyed lounging around. Despite my sunburn and unexpected company I had a great shoot."
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Jun 11, 2016 //"red_ginger"
"I really enjoyed doing this shoot. It was a beautiful warm day, the sun was just starting to set giving everything a gorgeous warm glow. I felt so inspired by the sunset light, I explored through the tropical bush, finding beautiful yellow and red flowers and posing with them. It was such a fun time, I wish I could walk around naked in the wilderness forever!"
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Jun 10, 2016 Anna_Belle Elsa_H//"cute_n_cooked_2"
"I awoke to Elsa climbing into bed with me, drifting in with the morning rays. I had forgotten I had invited her over and slept right through my alarm. Her presence catching me off-guard and disorienting me slightly, I hazily rearranged myself into my usual position of big spoon, stretching around her body that was cool from the autumn chill. Her hair smelt faintly of her coconut shampoo and tickled my arm as it fell to rest there. The morning sun was softly beaming its way through my window and my kitten, Yuki, was purring as she slept next to us. This was the perfect opportunity to capture such a beautiful morning spent with Elsa and Yuki."
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Jun 10, 2016 Hali//"sea_to_tree"
"This was an incredibly enjoyable experience - particularly the journey to shooting locations with my friends! It was an adrenaline filled day of rolling around in the sand and salty waves, keeping an eye out for casual beach goers. Whenever one would come by I would submerge my naked body in the cold water, or make a mad dash for the security of my towel. During one of these mad dashes I forgot my mirror on the sand and a black labrador raced down the shore at full pelt and without any hesitation stepped on my mirror shattering it. In the end it contributed to my friends shoot anyway, so thank you to that black lab."
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Jun 09, 2016 Lowri//"centre_stage"
"I absolutely adored doing my shoot. I loved the freedom of being naked outside and the thrill of being caught by one of my house mates just added to the excitement! I'd planned to do it indoors but after being left alone in the house I decided the backyard was more scenic and a little more daring! I loved the feeling of grass and the breeze on my naked body which was a new and interesting sensation. I wish every day nakedness was accepted!"
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Jun 09, 2016 Claudia_E//"apple_bum_1"
"In my family we were always incredibly protective of our nudity. I never saw either of my parents naked. There was a massive taboo surrounding nudity. As my sexuality blossomed, it was increasingly challenged, so doing shoots like this one remain a challenge. I think it's more than just showing the body, it's also showing the self in a way that I hadn't been able to growing up, so for me it's a big part of getting older and gaining independence and self confidence."
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Jun 08, 2016 Ellie_B//"chansey"
"This shoot was taken in both my bedroom and in a park nearby my house. I used flowers from my front garden and my blue blanket as a background. I also used some japa beads and my stethoscope (I'm a nursing student) as props. When I was shooting in the park, at first I would take a couple of shots and then quickly put on my jacket and repeat, but after 10mins or so of this I got used to being so exposed (and more confident that no one was going to see me) and finished my shoot fully nude."
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Jun 07, 2016 Jane_F//"devochka"
"Shooting this folio I thought of all the requirments of light and so on. Then I started to think about creative ideas, things for my background, things I could use. Since it was the Women's day recently I had red roses and I found them beautiful and sensual. It can seem tasteless though. You decide. Also one of the scenes was made on my bed and in a few photos there is my ukulele. I like how it looks. So I hope you will enjoy my first folio!"
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Jun 06, 2016 Redbird//"anniversaire"
"Roughly 8 years ago I did my first ISM folio, so as it was Autumn (the most beautiful season in my opinion) I decided to submit a shoot celebrating this fact and taking advantage of the lovely red and orange hues that this season provides. Rain threatened to stall the shoot, but I embraced the droplets and gorgeous predictably unpredictable Melbourne weather and had a ball playing around in the dirt and leaves. Fans of my first folio may also notice the cameo appearance of "Reddy", my beloved arm chair."
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Jun 06, 2016 May_T//"rainyday_karada"
"I decided to split my folio in two, the graveyard (which shows my eccentric side) and my shibari, which delves into my love of rope and BDSM. While shooting naked outside I had to do a quick dodge back to my car when I saw another car approaching... before realising that my clothes were in the boot of my car and I'd left my keys on the ground back where I was shooting!"
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Jun 05, 2016 Breanna//"paradisea"
"This shoot was an extremely enjoyable experience. I shot with two friends at a beach and a national park. It was a great bonding experience to see each other in our completely natural states. At first it was a little bit awkward, but within 20 minutes it felt completely normal and comfortable. Shooting on the beach led to a few close calls with passers-by, there were several panicked sprints from the water to a towel just in time as unsuspecting pedestrians walked onto the beach. Another funny side effect of shooting in a group was the ever-occuring accidental photobomb; many photos were ruined because of an awkwardly posed half-naked friend in the background. From the exhiliration of nearly being seen to the freedom of being 100% myself in such a beautiful setting, overall it was a great day out. I would do it again in a heartbeat."
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Jun 04, 2016 Lea_L//"jongleur"
"This time I wanted to combine a little bit what I do in my real life with the I Shot Myself so I took my suitcase full of juggling gear to the park and tried in which kind of way I can fit myself inside it. Juggling and holding the camera at the same time didn't work too well, so I found interesting ways how to combine me and my toys together./Diessemal wollte ich gern was ich in meinen normalen leben tue mit dem I Shot Myself verbinden also habe ich meinen koffer voll mit jongliersachen mit in den park genommen und geschaut wie ich in den koffer passe jonglieren und gleichzeitig die kamera zu halten war ganz schoen schwierig also habe ich andere possitionen gefunden wie ich mich mit meinen spielzeugen arangiere."
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Jun 04, 2016 Irisada//"ficus"
"Nudity is not always erotic. This shoot felt just nude at first, but gradually erotic as well. I've often been nude without any arousal (even within a sexual interaction). As I shot myself, I saw the erotic me in two dimensions, and arousal was almost guaranteed because of the context of my imagination. I loved tight ropes around me, and even came to orgasm feeling the ropes pulled tightly against my labia. I also loved shooting myself in a big old wooden blanket box, imagining myself a gift."
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Jun 03, 2016 Joy_J//"red_right_hand"
"I started with some shots and after seeing some of my pictures, I felt more confident and excited to keep shooting. I was enjoying it and I didn't expect to feel like that, so overwhelmed. I was using my partner's room to take the pictures and he was giving me advice. My aim was to be able to look at myself and be happy with my body. I'm not one hundred percent happy with my body yet, but now I can look at myself with a different perspective."
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