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New Releases

Mar 12, 2016 Eden_N//"leisure_link"
"This afternoon I was feeling fresh and spritely, and I thought to myself, "where else to do a shoot than on a public golf course on a sunny Monday?" Who could resist all that fenced off lush green grass? I had a handful of passers by and I think I gave them all a little surprise. I always thought of golf as boring, but I'll definitely never look at it that way again!"
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Mar 11, 2016 Eliana_A//"safe_space"
"How often do we take nudity in our rooms for granted? It's the most innocent place of all to be naked. I've probably spent hours watching myself dress and undress in front of my weathered dresser. And many other bedroom mirrors before this one. Until this shoot I never realised quite how intimate this particular dresser has become for me. I had no problem reaslising I would need to perch my naked butt onto it and eventually, climb all over it. This is my bedroom. My sanctuary. And my fun space."
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Mar 11, 2016 Astrid_L//"DaisyDeadPetals"
"Pantytime! How fun; my first folio. Welcome to my bed where I dream stuff up. It felt light and energetic, like any good shoot should. It was beautiful and I had fun. The song "Sugar" by garbage made me move slow and honeylike. I also had some IFM shoot as background noise which was sexy. At times I felt vulnerable and exposed, new, like with a lover, a friend but with the lightness of a colorful balloon. I love shooting myself and I am so glad I got the opportunity to do it here. <3"
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Mar 10, 2016 Nora_L//"undress_ur_mind"
"I shot myself in pretty populated locations. It was confronting to witness the impressions I made on complete strangers with my open public nudity, and it was a total trip for my ego to take on their reactions. Do I really care if these people interpret me as vain or vulgar? Should I have to explain myself and argue my right to express myself like this, or is it enough to know that I am doing something not only liberating but also completely encompassing who I am? This is how I choose to live: naked, sacred and soaking in my own existance."
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Mar 09, 2016 Petunia_M//"Lulu_la_chatte"
"The cat from the house just pop into the room and so opened the door himself, as I am living in a house with 8 others people, I can tell Lulu-the-Cat scared me. Then, really enjoyed the shooting time because it was a great time with myself. I didn't took a lot of time for myself those last months because I was travelling the last 10 months, living in a tent for 3 months, so always with friends and people. It was hard to get private moments. This time I waited for my roomate to go to her work, then I could put a great mix from Nicolas Jarre, stoke myself quietly and happily, drink some good red wine, and take the pictures. /Le chat de la maison a fait irruption dans la chambre et a ouvert la porte tout seul. Comme je vis avec 8 autres personnes je peux dire aue Lulu-la-chatte m a fait peur pour le coup. Ensuite j ai vraiment apprecie prendre des photos car j ai pu prendre du te;ps pour moi et ca faisait longtemps que je n en avais pas eu l occasion vu que j ai passe les 10 derniers mois a voyager, puis j ai vecu 3mois en tente avec des amis et d autres gens. c etait difficile d avoir des moments prives. CEtte fois ci c etait ma chance. j ai attendu que ma colloc s en aille bosser, j ai mis un cool mis de Nicolas Jarre, bu du bon vin rouge, me suis touchee. et pris les photos en meme temps."
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Mar 09, 2016 Fredi//"backstage_pass_2"
"While I was doing the shoot, my housemate and best friend who lives downstairs walked into my room as I was taking photos with a cactus in front of my vagina. She could see it all. We had a good laugh about it! IShotMyself is definitely something you should try because it will, without a doubt allow you to be more comfortable with how you are. We don't take enough time to look at our bodies, or even look at a photos of our bodies and think, "I look great. I'm really happy with the way I look, and I feel sexy. I feel liberated."
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Mar 08, 2016 Vivi_W//"sunbather"
"I was really nervous when I shot these pics. The first time I tried shooting in the backyard, some gardeners just came in. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. Luckily, I still had time to put on clothes and pretend I was just sunbathing. The situation got a lot better when I tried next time, and I felt more relax."
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Mar 07, 2016 Kaela//"euphemia"
"Crisp blue skies and cold winter chills with sweet sunshine. Taking the photos amongst the trees and Australian shrubbery was thrilling, especially with the chance of the odd cyclist riding past. Feeling dizzy and happy, the trip home from this sweet piece of nature was spent in delirious moments of laughter and giggles."
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Mar 07, 2016 Bonnie_A//"bodypos"
"What fun I had! I think it's a really great project, making women feel a lot more positive about what they have and learn to flaunt it however and wherever they want. I found trying to shoot some of my pictures in sunlight on my balcony in broad daylight really rather comical. I'm sure the neighbours did too! The positive feedback on my pictures I got from the Feck staff gave me more confidence in my body. I would do it all again, that's for sure!"
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Mar 06, 2016 Monday_J//"I_am"
"I really love coming up with creative ways to capture myself in the photos. Playing under the sheets of my bed felt youthful and pure. The outside pictures were exciting and a bit tricky to take at times. I'm sure a handful of people passing by saw more then they expected on their morning outing. I had a blast hanging and climbing in the trees. I also felt a rush dodging the curious eyes."
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Mar 05, 2016 Margarita_C//"greenroom"
"What a beautiful morning! I knew that it would be a productive I SHOT MY SELF. In a fairytale room, I was trying to show my best parts of my self. Playing with light, the bed, standing up, laying in the floor, with a mirror. Every moment was different and excited. I lost the old concept of myself and my body. So happy to have participated in this great project!/Que beautiful morning! Sabia que iba a ser un I SHOT MY SELF productivo. En una habitacion de cuento, I was trying to show my best parts of my self. Jugando con la luz, la cama, de pie, tumbado en el suelo, con un espejo. Cada momento era diferente y excitado. He perdido el concepto antiguo que tenia de mi misma y de mi cuerpo. So happy de haber participado en este genial proyecto!"
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Mar 05, 2016 Jasmine_K//"IceQueen"
"A quick tug, some fumbling and my clothes lie in the salty white snow. The cold air barely touches my skin through the adrenaline of being completely naked in the wintry woods. I lie on the rich, warm sheepskin rug surrounded by ice and feel the contradictory senses of sharp coldness and lush fur on my skin. Dashing inside, cold to the bone, I fling the thick fur over myself. Still with a desire for a contradiction of some kind; I play around with a spiky little cactus, teasing the prickles across my soft skin. In an effort to bring the outside indoors, draped my naked body in swathes of green and verdant ivy."
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Mar 04, 2016 Hadlee//"spiral_of_life"
"I really want to find the spirals in life. As I spin fire and hoop everything becomes a spiral to me. I took some really nice photos of myself in the forest and at the beach but lost them all so took some more in the places I had the comfort of using. There is a connection between everything: nature, elements, humans, even industry. Taking photos inside and outside, I hope I made something of that connection show through. It was so hard to get photos with my hoops but there are a couple in there that I am quite proud of. Wow, it's strange saying I'm proud of my body! But that's exactly what this shoot has done for me. I'm not sure if the artistry I wanted came through, but I had a lot of fun in the end. In the beginning I felt really challenged to be beautiful and not too pornographic. I think I may have had more of the latter in the end result, but in saying this, taking these photos has broken down the walls I thought I had all but left behind me. I never realized how sexual I can actually be."
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Mar 04, 2016 Patricia_H//"latex_to_linen"
"It was lovely sunny day, and I went over to my friend's house and played among the plants with my camera, wearing some of my festish gear. My naughty clothes rarely see outside my bedroom, let alone broad daylight, and it was fun to prance around while my friend had a smoke and watched me. At one point I accidentally stepped on her mirror and broke it, but the shards of mirror created a beautiful effect and I think it added another element to the shoot. All in all, a great day!"
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Mar 03, 2016 Aurelie//"amour_de_soi"
"The sun tickles my toes, my body is covered in pattern made of shadow and light. The sky above, a bed made of moss and leaves right under me. With my eyes open I dream the sweetest dreams of love and laughter. My ears are filled with the sound of crickets while the wind is blowing me a hug. Most of the pictures published here were taken in our beautiful treehouse where I also slept the night. The treehouse is quite big so at some point you are just above the pavement. One day when I was shooting myself up there some acorns were falling down, just in the moment when an eldery couple passed by... You probably can guess the end of the story."
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