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New Releases

Aug 13, 2014 nikki_silver//"silverclouds_1" Video
Life at HQ is just better than the ordinary kind - just imagine, if old friends sent you Christmas cards every year, except instead of ugly sweaters, they wore nothing but big smiles. This is especially charming when your old friends look as good as ours - Nikki's been contributing to ISM since 2011, and we don't ever get tired of her dropping in to say hello.
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Aug 13, 2014 Lily_E//"PureDesire"
"The shots from my bedroom were soon after I had woken up, I am wearing a 1940's vintage slip that I purchased in London. It makes me feel alluring; being able to see everything but have it covered at the same time. I chose to wear my floral headband which I found a during a night out in a rock bar which brought back some fond memories... It seemed to act like a beacon of sexuality that night, leading me to have crazy and unusual experiences."
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Aug 12, 2014 Camelia//"sage_wisdom"
"In this shoot I went to my favourite space in this world, my local beach. It had been raining the past few days, but when I woke up, the sun was shining, angels singing, asking me to show my yoni to the world. As the locals walked their dogs, I was perched upon a sand dune, basking naked in my glory of another incredible day. I am not ashamed, I am liberated in this body. I shine like the sun of flowers, the ocean washing me clean."
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Aug 11, 2014 Gemma_C//"monument"
"The "Wasteland", as it is known to the thrill seekers who explore there, is a vast industrial power plant that used to supply power to the entire city. Now it is a relic clinging to the ever changing landscape of New Orleans. I hope that my shoot lends to the beauty and vulnerability of the building and the city which holds it. Shooting at the power plant was fun, dirty, and forbidden. I feel that these attributes are often dismissed in the day to day of modern life - here's to changing that."
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Aug 11, 2014 Chiara//"ThousandPetals"
"I did this shoot first thing in the morning, with my eyes still half closed. I thought I'd have the forest to myself, but I had millions of friends, hungry friends. There were mosquitos everywhere! I had make floral accessories and I feel we should adorn ourselves with colour every day. I love flowers and I incorporated them into my shoot as they are my passion."
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Aug 10, 2014 Marlah_&_Mad_Dame//"glitter_grope_2"
"Babes, glitter and selfies. Our shoot was an afternoon of artistic and erotic indulgence coupled with giggles and sensual moments. We played with our favourite medium, sprayng glitter all over each other like an orgasm of glistening colour. Handfulls of gold, silver and multicolour dust.. we poured glitter all over eachothers' bodies, down the cracks of our bums, all over our vaginas and our breasts."- Mad_Dame
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Aug 10, 2014 Ashley_C//"sugarpalm"
"I did a shoot in a friend's house in the beach. It was beautiful balmy afternoon. I was thinking maybe it would have dolphins and then I saw some. They jump up and they're beautiful. Now I'm feeling invigorated and happy. After photos, I take a swim in the ocean. Very nice day for me."
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Aug 09, 2014 Lila_J//"vibrant_flesh"
"The colourful and incredible mess that was my shoot! I was a bit nervous with this being my first folio, but soon began to love every moment as I expressed my body as a blank canvas of naked skin. I wanted to enhance the combinations - the blank space of my skin in contrast to the flecks and strokes of paint, which enveloped the curves and contours of my form."
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Aug 08, 2014 Minni//"hard_summer"
"An average Monday in Springfield, USA... going out in my backyard with a couple of vintage mirrors from my grandmother, a digital camera, and a video camera. I had one of my favorite DJs playing in the background (Claude Von Stroke, 2010 Hard summer mix) setting the funky mood. I only injured myself once when I droppped the mirror down my leg and left like 9 rows of little scrapes, but hey, battle scars, eh?" Check out Minni's accompanying ISM video here!
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Aug 08, 2014 Olivia_O//"BrisaHibisco"
"Capturando um dos ultimos dias de calor antes de me lancar nesta nova aventura. O dia estava perfeito para a seccao fotografica. Entre malas e preparacao, tomando outros caminhos, deixei tudo de lado e decedi relaxar, aproveitar e admirar o que me rodeava uma ultima vez. A luz era radiante e sentindo o calor na minha pele deixando me posar em diferentes prespectivas. Unica experiencia a repetir sem duvida!"
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Aug 07, 2014 Gaby//"MergulhoDeCisne"
"Como eu pratico yoga a um ano para liberar todas minhas tensoes, eu pensei em usar meu tapete de yoga apos uma sessao matinal de exercicios o que criaria um ambiente calmo para as fotos, me fazendo mais confiante."
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Aug 06, 2014 lulu_l//"gor_det_sjalv_2" Video
Lulu's boy may not be very helpful, but we have to admit, we're grateful to him. Combating the frustration and boredom of Ikea shelf torture requires a damn fine ... sense of humor, and a firm grasp on ... positivity. Both of which Lulu's got, in spades. So boyfriend, thanks for filming the cuteness. Lulu, we hope your shelves, at least, do everything you wish they would do, and more.
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Aug 06, 2014 Bobbie_R//"sugarcoated"
"When I was growing up I was a tomboy and liked to ride my bike, and I had lots of fun rediscovering that part of myself. I have always been a sweet tooth so candy was a perfect theme for me to begin with. In case you were wondering, yes, I did eat all the lollies after the shoot, including the snakes."
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Aug 05, 2014 Lana_A//"shangri_la"
"I went out to the beach and there were people everywhere. It was so funny, I felt so free and confident though. I really enjoyed shooting myself, it was the most fun I'd had in ages!"
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Aug 04, 2014 lucy_x//"watersprite"
"I was attracted to the water so I jumped a fence and treked through someone's yard. Carrying the umbrella, the blanket, my purse and the camera was tricky, and I took a tumble down the hill. I had to get over the fact that the ground was muddy from the rain, and forget that there was dirt getting into places that it probably shouldn't be. Halfway through the shoot, I realized that I had a big bug bite right on my cheek! Who knows how many photos were taken with that in it. Totally worth it."
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