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New Releases

Jan 12, 2015 Yasmine_A//"tricksy_biz"
"Trying to decide on a shoot location can be difficult when you don't know the area too well, I'm renting a room from a live-in landlord and the apartment has a great roof terrace, so I decided this was the ideal location for my shoot. It was very risky though as I wasn't sure when he would be home, imagine if he had found me! I got pretty carried away with the mirror in my shoot and managed to smash it to pieces, oops."
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Jan 11, 2015 Ros//"cheeky_peek"
"I chose a time when no one was home to shoot, so I could really get into it without feeling embarrassed or being limited to my bedroom. There was still something very cheeky about this project, taking nude photos inches from my neighbors also enjoying the sunshine, completely oblivious to what I was doing behind the fence. They would definitely be in for a shock if they took a peek and saw me."
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Jan 11, 2015 Melody_N//"shining_out"
"The scorched of this old bulding was an evidence for me. What is intresting is the game between the ruins and the nature. The crazy weeds goes everywhere and mingling with the sheet metal. It was a intime and soft moment, I was playing with pleasure in this strange place."
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Jan 10, 2015 Natasha_K//"shot_from_heart"
Doing the folio was probably one of the boldest things I have done. I was walking down the street and decided to take a topless selfie. I quickly looked around to make sure I was clear to go with no audience. I took the picture happy with myself until I look up and see a woman sitting in a parked car across the street with a very puzzled look on her face. I had been caught. I also got many muscle cramps in my toes while trying to take some photos with my feet.
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Jan 09, 2015 leeyah//"lifeisbeautiful"
"This shoot is a reminder to always look for the good in the bad, the positive in the negetive, the beauty in ugly places. No matter how broken down, ruined or imperfect something may be, there is always a shimmer of beauty lurking in the shadows. You just need to open your eyes and your soul and realise beauty is everywhere. For its the imperfections and ugliness that make the beauty shine so bright!"
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Jan 09, 2015 Grete//"filaments"
"My folio is eclectic. There is some shoots where I look like funny girl, some of them are made by self-conscious young woman. I just completed my forklift course and because of that I have some funny photos with my new safety vest. It was hard to find some quiet place without people, because I can't suppose that everybody accept nude people :) Hopefully everybody was happy who saw me. Also I worked in my garden and I did some pictures about it."
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Jan 08, 2015 Lilla_C//"Marjariasana"
"I shot this half asleep on a rainy Sunday morning in my bedroom with nothing to do but laze around in bed and stretch myself out like a cat. I really like how soft these photos are. I feel like this shoot captures me perfectly at this point in my life, feeling really content within myself and within my body."
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Jan 07, 2015 harley_s//"cmonprettymama" Video
We love everything about this video. Damn girl. Harley_S is just really, really good at being in the Bahamas. The best part though, is her righteous indignation about those unfortunate yacht stalkers of hers. We'd be mad too - especially when she makes the trek for it, a girl deserves to sunbathe nude without being interrupted! What nerve...
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Jan 07, 2015 Effy_K//"little_spirals"
"There were snails and lots of different colour flower. I was really happy to lied down on the grass in the back garden when I was naked. I felt so natural BUT when I finished shooting myself, my pussy was itchy because of the grass. Haha!"
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Jan 06, 2015 Violet_Y//"la_lenceria"
"El proyecto de ISM me hizo sentir confidente sobre mi cuerpo y mi personalidad; me encanta estar desnuda y mostrar realmente quien soy. Para el folio decidi usar mi conjunto favorito de ropa interior porque me hace sentir sexy y provocativa. Me recuerda cuando fui a comprar este juego de ropa interior. Podria pasar horas y dias comprando ropa interior y si pudiera la usaria en la calle para que todas las personas pudieran apreciar lo que yo aprecio de mi cuerpo. "
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Jan 05, 2015 Ashley_J//"sandswept"
"Being my first shoot, I was filled with excitement as I wandered down the beach to find the perfect spot. 'Will I be sprung?' I thought... but only once! As the clothes came off I was surprised how alive and free I felt. The more photos I took, the sexier my body became, from rolling in the sand to the sea. My body melted and felt golden. Such an experience of freedom, expression and self-love, one with nature. I already crave more."
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Jan 05, 2015 Maria_W//"soft_water"
"Vor kurzem ging ich mit meiner Freundin zum schwimmen an den "teatree" See und kam auf die Idee mich dort zu fotografieren. Es war gleichzeitig lustig und unglaublich ekelig. Das Wasser in der Mitte des Sees fuehlte sich super an, weil Haut und Haare von dem Oel, das es enthaelt total zart werden, aber am Rand ist es schlammig und ich wurde richtig schmutzig.//Not too long ago I went to the teatree lake for a swim with my girlfriend and had the idea to shoot myself there. It was really funny and incredibly disgusting at the same time. The water in the middle of the lake felt great, because skin and hair get very soft due to the oil it contains, but I got extremely dirty on the muddy bank."
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Jan 04, 2015 Caity//"mer_caity"
"First time at the bottom of Australia, it was a beautiful and fun shoot/swim. The sand on the beach stuck to my body as soon as I lay on it, before I was even wet. It felt amazing to sprinkle it all over my body and roll around in it. I had a few problems with horse flies chasing me, but was fine when I got into the water. It was a hot day and the water was icy cold and refreshing, dolphins swam past me during the shoot and I had lots of fun taking photos under the water."
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Jan 04, 2015 Julie_Y//"petit_delice"
"J'ai bien aimer le faire le shoot photo avec des morceaux de chocolat, parce que j,aime bien ca ainsi qu'avec les lunettes car je trouve ca sexy. Je espere que vous aimez!/I love do to shoot with a chocolat because I like that, and with a glasses because I think it is sexy. I hope you like it!"
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Jan 03, 2015 Maya_H//"exquisite_touch"
"I shot this at home. One evening I was bored at home and I was thinking well it is the moment to play a little bit with my self. I took the ropes, wax, clamps and enjoy with myself. I love pain and I enjoyed a lot playing with the hot wax dropping in my body..."
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