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New Releases

Aug 23, 2015 Mae_E//"binaries"
"Mostly set about my garden and my bedroom, I wanted this shoot to reflect the duality of nature and nudity. Proving through beautiful photographs of skin and foliage how well the two complement each other. Also, to remind others of our inherent connection to nature. The bedroom shots are me exposing myself in my most comfortable state, and are also to compare both aspects of the inside and outside world."
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Aug 22, 2015 Phillipa_G//"introducing_me"
"Hi, this is my folio, I hope you like it! I tried to show in the pictures how fun the shoot was. The whole project is about more than being naked, it's about exploring and expressing yourself in a fun and comfortable way. The shoot was interrupted several times by my housemates who kept convinietly 'forgetting' something in the room and having to walk through! I think this project also has shown me how hard it is to balance and take a photo with your feet. I dropped the camera on my face several times before working it out!"
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Aug 21, 2015 Mia_S//"learn_the_ropes"
This photo shoot was conducted on a hot sunny day in my backyard. The sheet was chucked up to prevent shocking my housemate's mother who was staying at the time! I had a lot of fun taking all these photos, and felt more confident and relaxed that last time. I spent a couple of hours sipping icy cold water and listening to Aretha Franklin while I did it. Of course Mistie the cat and Leroy the rabbit wanted to hang out, so naturally they starred in some of the photos.
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Aug 21, 2015 Rose_M//"effleurer"
"Cette seance photo a ete un nouvelle experience pour moi, et j'ai adore. Un joli melange de douceur avec la fourrure blanche et de sensualite. On a plus l'habitude de se voir nue dans un mirroir, se voir en photo est different et encore plus interessant pour moi et on peut garder cette image. Faire ces photo a ete pour moi un super moment! On y prend vite gout et on ne voit pas le temps passer. Super fun de se prendre en photo soi meme, dans son plus simple appareil./ I loved to do these pictures, that was a totally new experience for me. Little mix of sweetness with the white fur and of sensuality as well. We're more used to see ourself naked in a mirror, so seeing yourself naked on a picture is for me so much more interesting, and it lasts. Doing that photoshoot has been an awesome time for me. I enjoyed myself, and the time was going so fast. It's awesome to take naked self portraits.
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Aug 20, 2015 Grace_G//"wind_down"
"I wanted to capture the process of myself getting ready for work, being at work and unwinding after a long day "at the office". The shots of myself in my bed and at my home, depict the vulnerability I feel when being naked as myself, not playing a role as I do at work. I was interrupted by my housemates, naked. They're fairly easygoing, so I was received with laughter and friendly heckling."
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Aug 19, 2015 Liaritta//"woman_cave"
"The shoot is me just being me, totally the realest me. Being lazy and doing what I like doing when in my 'woman cave' alone. That is to strip down naked (even though its freezing) and play my keyboard, and browse the internet, and listen to music. I really liked doing it, it made me experiment to see the different curves that I have in my body. As I took more photos, the more confident that I have become."
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Aug 19, 2015 katherine_p//"honeyburst_1" Video
"This was my first IShotMyself video and I did a reload along with it, all shot in my bedroom. I decided to go with a music theme cause it was what I had some level of talent at. I really enjoyed showing the audience what I was working on musically and open to constructive criticism. Funnily enough I was able to correct my rhythm with the song Deliverance a week after I shot it but have been ridiculously busy since, maybe one day I can put up something better after more careful preparation."
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Aug 18, 2015 Sarah_R//"blissed_off"
"Alone with my camera, I felt comfortable straight away. I wanted to take the kind of intimate photos I would send my boyfriend - something relaxed, playful, sexy, with nothing off limits. I played around to find creative angles, different ways of framing myself, enjoying the process more and more as the shoot went on."
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Aug 17, 2015 Flume//"Dream_Lab"
I disappear into the dream lab. Safe from the outside world. A magical place with lights, colour, music, passion and love. A place where being different and creative and free is encouraged, without judgement. The dream lab is a breathing home of imagination.
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Aug 17, 2015 Ginger_L//"GlitterGirl"
"While I was doing the shoot, I leaned on the fence and it fell through into my neighbour's yard. My elderly neighbors were outside gardening! They just stared at my naked self. After a long pause, the woman said, "well that's an interesting way to introduce yourself". Embarrassed, I ran inside!"
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Aug 16, 2015 Jasmine_A//"hot_and_cold"
"Dieses mal wollte ich einen intimeren Einblick geben. Natuerlich war das erste Shooting schon intim, immerhin war ich absolut nackt in der Oeffentlichkeit, aber ich hab mich dabei abenteuerlich und energiegeladen gefuehlt, es war ein riesiger adrenalinschub beim letzten mal. Dieses mal wollte ich einfach nur mit der Kamera spielen wie mit einem Lover, ich nahm sie also mit in mein Bett und dachte nicht viel nach, wollte einfach nur Einblicke vermitteln und inspiriert werden. Wie die Bilder am Ende geworden sind, hat mich sehr zufrieden gestellt, sie sind sinnlich und ein bisschen albern, aber zeigen viel von meiner persoenlichkeit. Viel Spass beim angucken!/This time I decided to give a more intimite view. Of course the last shoot was very intimate already, lets face it, I was completly naked in public. But last time it was more like an intense adventure and a huge adrenaline rush. This time I just took the camera to bed with me and had some fun with it, trying to get inspired whilst doing it without thinking too much. The outcome is sensual, a little silly and they show a lot about myself and my personality. I am really happy about how the turned out. Enjoy!"
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Aug 16, 2015 Kezza//"sea_air"
"My favorite part of the shoot was going to the beach, walking down the pier, taking all my clothes off and feeling delightful! I would 100% take part in something like this again and recommend it to people. I thought I may feel silly, yet it was quite the opposite. The funniest part was when I took some pictures in the park in a trolley fully naked and struggled to get out leading the whole thing to topple over!"
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Aug 15, 2015 Lara_B//"on_pointe"
"I find the touch of delicate things like fabric and jewelry on bare skin to be very erotic. I went with that theme in my shoot. I started off with the French lace negligee, which I find provocatively feminine, and enjoyed playing around with the straps and the hem lines. I then progressed to the jewelry which I draped everywhere I could think of. I began this process wanting to use my passion for dance and yoga in some way. I wore pointe shoes and attempted various poses. I found, however, that selfies don't leave very much room to be creative with camera angle and shot length so I decided to stick with the things I found arousing."
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Aug 14, 2015 Loula//"salacias_dream"
"I've been working flat out lately & was in desperate need of a vacation. I decided to go diving... in my bathtub! It was all fun and games until this octopus just randomly appeared. I was shocked at first but then he told me that he was on a vacation too, he needed to get away from the constant demands of King Neptune. We decided to explore the depths of the bathtub together. I apologised for my nudity, but hen he told me that it was the best way to live & that I should be naked all the time! We stuck together (literally) and hung out naked."
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Aug 14, 2015 Maria_A//"RabbitHole"
"Decidi darme una oportunidad en el proyecto, por el momento vivo en una werehouse, con mucha gente genial y hermosos amigos, por lo que decidi tomar las fotos en este loco lugar, pero fue dificil encontrar el tiempo y el espacio correcto, ya que siempre casa llena. I decided to take a chance in this project. At the moment Iím living in a warehouse with a lot of amazing and really nice people and friends, so I decide to take the pictures in this great crazy place. It was difficult to find the correct time and space because the house always was full."
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