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New Releases

Aug 08, 2016 Vera_V//"3rd_wave"
"One of my favourite things about this folio is the different outfits/looks I incorporate into the shoot, which reveal the different aspects of my personality. There are the hard femme, BDSM inspired shots, as well as the soft blues and creams of my gentle, more submissive side. During the shoot my girlfriend wanted to watch, but I had to tell her to leave the room because the look on her face was too distracting! I loved twisting and contorting my body to control the images I created, it made me feel very powerful. Huge turn on!"
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Aug 08, 2016 Sabrina_S//"shark_week"
"There is a soft elegance in the way Sabrina holds herself. With nothing but a trail of cotton peeking out, it's easy to imagine the shades of red gently held just out of sight. This folio resonates with a subtle power - the type of power that comes with the ability to stain the world with the essence of yourself."
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Aug 07, 2016 Jade_T//"aqua_wash"
"I really enjoyed doing this shoot. At first I was nervous and kept asking myself what I was doing but once I shook off those nerves, stripped off my clothes and exposed my nakedness to the camera lens I embraced the experience. I felt so free and confident. I was embracing my nakedness for me! The only issue I had doing this shoot was my cat who kept trying to take part in my private photoshoot."
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Aug 06, 2016 Pariss//"flavour_burst"
"I think milk is sexy and pouring the milk on myself was just such an amazing feeling. Then I played with the glitter - I was just mixing up all the colours. It was good to be able to get really messy and not worry about the clean-up. I felt very sexy after this shoot because I loved seeing the results and I felt like my posing just became better - but I really just had so much fun and I think you can see that on my face. I loved the sexy accessories too!"
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Aug 06, 2016 Jasmyna//"motorcycle_diary"
"I love my scooter, and I love feeling the freedom of riding along the road being exposed. So living near the beach and with my scooter I felt totally liberated. This is the best thing I've done in my life. I love the daytime, and exploring the unknown, and I love being by myself and going on adventures, so I included as much as I could in this shoot."
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Aug 05, 2016 Astrid_R//"fashion_flicks"
"This was my first shoot for I shotmyself. I had lots of fun and actually I was laughing while I was doing it since there were people around the house and I was quiet alone in my room, naked and making it look perfect for the shoot and trying to get as much light as I could. I easily relaxed and started to enjoy every shot with the camera."
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Aug 05, 2016 Jasmyn//"HYPERSALAD"
"Being a female is a world of insecurity. For me makeup and hair have always offered me a sense of security, a means of hiding myself. Without makeup or hair I have nowhere to hide. I feel less exposed here because of my nudity, and more exposed because of my lack of makeup and hair. I was locked out of my rooftop where I took my last photos, so I was forced to explore other options. I considered asking friends to use their rooftops, but I decided otherwise. I thought doing so would have been a form of surrender. I wanted to keep my business private, I didn't want to rely on anyone else for help. I'm confident and secure in myself and I can most certainly get by on my own. In the end I found myself climbing over fences and sneaking around solar panels to get these photos. This new rooftop was much less private than what I'd grown accustomed to, but I didn't care. In losing the security of my hair and makeup I was forced to create that security for myself. I couldn't care about the hundreds of potential onlookers from the neighbouring apartment, I was far too invested in myself."
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Aug 04, 2016 Ellodie//"celestial_body"
"I think there is a lot of stigma behind darkness, and that beauty is often seen to go hand in hand with with light. I peacefully disagree with both of these ideals. The aim of my shoot is to bring beauty and darkness together without diminishing either... and I love the beach!"
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Aug 03, 2016 Lola_K//"polkadot_play_1"
"Hi! I'm here to do my second shoot and this time I thought you'd like to see what I do. And what weird positions I can get into. Soon enough you'll be seeing some polka dot granny panties, don't be alarmed. I like being naked and I'm comfortable with my body. It does the job I guess. There's fat in the right places. I don't want to be any skinnier, that's not my thing. I eat too much, I have about five meals a day. Steak, pizza, pasta; any of those are my favourite foods. Oh, and ice cream, I have a thing with ice cream at the moment."
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Aug 03, 2016 Nina_P//"dressing_room"
"I live with two boys and they were at work when I did my shoot. I shot my body during one hour, and 5 min after that my roommate came back early. If he had come back five minutes before I think I would be uncomfortable, or maybe excited! He is so sexy!"
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Aug 02, 2016 Serena_Z//"exploradora"
"I shot myself in my bedroom, where I felt most comfortable exploring my body and discovering new angles of it too. The theme of the shoot would be relaxed exploration. It was so much fun doing the shoot, as I was rediscovering the confident, foxy lady within me. Halfway through the shoot, when I was trying poses with the mirror against the wall, I lost my footing on the bed and fell off with quite a thump!! Luckily no bumps or bruises showed! Was awesome fun doing this project, would definitely do it again!"
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Aug 01, 2016 Lynn_V//"raven_shine"
"This photoshoot was so much fun. From searching a place to shoot, to getting naked, to find a position that was semi-comfortable and smile, to shifting the mirror so I could see my whole body. I had a lot of fun and liked shooting myself. I felt like my body was a piece of art."
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Aug 01, 2016 Pixie_Y//"domestic_bliss"
"As I climbed up into the sink, the cold water splashed against my feet and I instantly got goosebumps all over my body. I was looking out on to my garden as I took pictures, pressed up against and in the sink. I was going to water the plants on the window sill, but I used the watering can on myself instead."
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Jul 31, 2016 Lucia_B//"feeling_myself"
"The folio definitely tries to keep it down to earth, lots of outside shots that are trying to incorporate as much greenery, softness and freshness as possible. Also my cat makes an appearance.... Bonus 4 u."
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Jul 30, 2016 Bee_E//"wild_femininity"
"Bee_E perfectly encapsulates her sense of self, her openness. Armed with her vibrancy, she demonstrates that warm summer afternoons are best spent alone, lounging in a hammock wearing nothing coconut oil and a cheeky grin."
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