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New Releases

Jul 13, 2015 Medialuna//"Holi_day"
"I wanted to show unique aspects of my body highlighted by different colours and made it a bit different to just simple naked shots. I was at my farm out in Gippsland and it was really cold. Thankfully my boyfriend was handy with sandwiches, and since I was covered in holi powder (powdered dye they use for the Festival of Holi in India) my sandwiches became quite colourful too. I really like doing close-up photos and playing with the light in different places on my body; the powder stuck to everything, it was in my eyebrows and even in my hair in my bellybutton. I felt very blessed to have such a green and beautiful location to do the shoot."
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Jul 13, 2015 Vanessa_B//"right_as_rain"
"I shot myself today - a rainy day. I was nice and dry inside but brought my umbrella and raincoat along just for fun. I enjoyed using the camera and my body to create different angles and compositions. I had never taken nude photos of myself before so I really explored new territory with this shoot. Using mirrors to duplicate my image was very fun too. Plus, I can now take photos with my feet. New skill!"
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Jul 12, 2015 Kaylia//"baby_bump"
"This was the yummiest and most natural shoot I have done. I felt my daughter there with me the whole time, it was divine! I love expressing myself in nature and felt completely absorbed in the moment. I wanted to capture the last moments of my pregnancy which has been complete bliss all the way through. I feel I am a very lucky girl!"
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Jul 12, 2015 Katherine_P//"rock_goddess"
"I found doing this little project extremely difficult at first. It was hard to find the time, the place and the creativity to shoot pictures for my folio. It was especially hard for me because I've never been a "selfie" person, I even hate the word. I finally just decided to do it in my bedroom. I was hesitant at first because my bedroom window opens up directly in front of a main road! However, I needed the natural lighting and I just thought, "whoever happens to see me, oh well." I enjoyed my time immensely, even when I had to stop and continue the next day because I needed the sun to rise again. Perhaps I had a little too much fun. I had to stop in between pictures to get myself off, I was that turned on."
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Jul 11, 2015 Bella_B//"foamy_fresh"
"It's not everyday that I wash myself in an old-school tub outside. It was really fun working with the bubbles and trying to manage different angles while sitting in a bath. I laughed a lot during the shoot, but it was also a really liberating experience for me and I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. I'm happy with the photos I think they represent a good balance of fun and sexy, which I like to think describes me!"
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Jul 10, 2015 Ruben_Esk//"surya_namaskar"
"So I was lying in bed early the other morning and noticed the sun streaming under my door. I am a lover of the natural magic of sunlight so inspiration came, I got myself out of bed and began to snap away. The outside shoot was in my friend's backyard amongst the grass and flowers. I felt so content and at one with my surroundings, I stayed lying there long after I had finished shooting."
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Jul 10, 2015 Seeing_Triple//"Neely"
"I shot my folio the other day when the lighting was right. I used a couple mirrors to shoot the set to get a nice reflection effect in most of the pictures for the folio. While I was shooting my cats wanted to be a part of the set but I was able to lock them out of the room. After the shoot I felt really good about how the photos came out. Not exactly how I had expected them to end up but still adequate."
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Jul 09, 2015 Lily_A//"Freedom_Machine"
"My bike is called Freedom Machine. Being naked is being free so obviously the two go hand in hand. I've been meaning to do a nude photo shoot with my bike for a long time so I'm glad I found out about ISM and finally had an excuse to do it! I get a similar euphoric sense of freedom from both nudity and biking, so I hope I've been able to capture that in my photos."
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Jul 08, 2015 farah//"hoop_life_1" Video
"Wow, what a journey it has been with ISM so far. My body has never felt so loved! This last shoot in particular really helped me to dive deep into myself and allow my playful side to shine through with fewer reservations about being on show. I had the idea to incorporate my hula hoop and fibre-fly flow toys as a way to demonstrate to other women how we can use tools for self-expression and body-exploration."
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Jul 08, 2015 Bonita_K//"Capelli_d_Angelo"
"Ho giocato con una delle tradizioni della mia cultura. l'importanza del cibo. Ho apperacchiato una tavola nel balcone della mia casa, con un piatto di spaghetti al pomodoro, mozzarella e basilico e una bottiglia di vino rosso. Ho giocato sulla tavola con tutti questi elementi che rappresentano la tradizione culinaria italiana e li ho resi erotici./ I played with one of my culture's tradition: food. I set a table in the balcony of my place. I put a plate of spaghetti with tomato, mozzarella and basil and a bottle of red wine. I played on the table with these elements which represent the Italian cuisine tradition and I turned them from food to an erotic object."
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Jul 07, 2015 Azul//"bare_bones"
"For my second shoot I decided to take myself somewhere far away from my everyday and into nature. I found a short walk which I followed into a beautiful paddock with long grass and a dried up stream with beautiful dead trees. I was so happy when the sun came out and I felt completely alone in nature! For me the bones represent old memories, especially from relationships. But for me the shoot was about letting go and moving on."
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Jul 06, 2015 Lucille_R//"bio_decal"
"For my shoot I used various items such as lipstick, feathered shawls and faux fur coats as I wanted to focus on different textures. The fur coat was fluffy and warm (it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing) while the feathers where sharp and dark - a big contrast. The lipstick was sleek and smooth and tied in my love for Biology. I used the red lipstick to draw hearts all over my body while also displaying an anatomical drawing of a human heart. I decided on this theme as the human body has always fascinated me - the way we can focus on different bodily sensations and the strength our organs have still continues to amaze me."
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Jul 06, 2015 Cat_B//"Yukata"
"When shooting yourself you have utter control of the photo, pose and composition and want to convey yourself in the best possible light. It was a process of snapping multiple shots in different poses and different angles and then reviewing them to see which worked and which didn't. The kimono was something I picked up in Japan when I visited last year and has been an obsession of mine since then (I currently have 5 beautiful ones to call my own). It did act as a sort of safety blanket, a feature of the pictures to make them interesting and different."
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Jul 05, 2015 Rachel_A//"Sweetheart"
"I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I decided to shoot myself as I've never done anything like this before! Usually I'm quite self conscious and shy about my body, but that's exactly the reason why I decided to do this! I found that as soon as I started taking photos I realised that there was nothing to be shy or ashamed about when it comes to my body and sexuality in general. It even filled me with confidence as I looked better than how I imagined. It was so liberating and a lot of fun trying (and sometimes failing) to try out new poses. I really hope this encourages other women out there to love themselves and embrace their natural bodies! "Life begins outside of the comfort zone"- it's true!"
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Jul 05, 2015 Sonya_T//"bravo"
"For my second shoot I chose another outdoor location: a park alongside a creek. I was quite close to a jogging path which made me a little shy. So I decided to focus this time on the act of undressing, as opposed to my first shoot, in which I embraced the freedom of being fully naked in the outdoors. It was different to my previous shoot in so far as it was rather a closer inspection of each of the individual parts of my body. I feel it reflected the slow peeling back of my own inhibitions over time, and the journey of self-acceptance I have gone through in relation to loving myself and my body."
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