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New Releases

Oct 17, 2016 Edie//"fairytale_date"
Once upon a time there was a beautiful queen who was transformed into a statue at the hands of an admirer who was jealous of the magnificent and absolute love that she shared with Edie; the woman who would go on to travel across time and space to free her lover from the curse put upon her. Although reversing the spell proved unsuccessful, the queen was granted one final, perfect moment with Edie in an extraordinarily beautiful forest. With their souls now melded together, Edie was free to begin a new journey, safe in the knowledge that her beloved would forever be with her.
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Oct 17, 2016 Scarlett_R//"studio_vibes"
"This shoot was definitely something out of my comfort zone. It took me probably a good two hours to get it done. For the first couple of pictures I was bashfully posing, struggling to fit my entire 6 feet of body into the shot. I decided to take on a character—pretend that I was some incredible, sexy, self-confident goddess who knew what she had and how to work it! That also failed. I felt like I was flouncing around and not being me. Eventually I got into the mind set of showing the subtle parts of the female body that truly let our femininity shine; for example, extra skin, cellulite, scars, pesky hair, curves, bone structure, the list goes on. I focused on that and slowly fell in love with how beautiful our bodies are."
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Oct 16, 2016 Giava//"beesting_pink"
"I took the pictures during my day off work, it was a really rainy day and there wasn't enough light in my room. So I texted my housemate asking him if I could you use his bright room for an 'artistic shoot' and of course he accepted. While I was having fun shooting myself, he came back home and broke into the room! The situation was really funny. He would have never expected to find me almost naked in his room taking pictures of myself in funny positions. We laughed about it and I explain to him what FECK is about."
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Oct 16, 2016 Cal//"time_alone"
"Shot in my room, I wanted to capture natural moments. I wanted to create a semi throwback to some of my favorite artists, and I wanted to keep it organic. I expected to feel more nervous while I was shooting, but the light was so soothing and nudity always makes me feel like my most honest self."
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Oct 15, 2016 redbird//"yellow_bird"
"While suffering from a 2 day hangover I decided to document my fragile state and my first bubble bath in years for you good people at ISM. It had been half a decade since I last did a shoot and was elated to find how quickly it all came back to me. "Yes, this angle is good, no that one wasn't as good, must grip the camera firmly so as not to drop it, oh man Redbird don't lose the camera in the bath..." I look forward to doing future shoots when I'm settled in a new place and can show y'all my super cool stuff and things."
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Oct 15, 2016 Rose_J//"light_and_pale"
"As the photos will surely show you, I've got super pale skin and I find the way that it interacts with colour and light really fascinating so I tried to play with that. First I played with colour and painted my body and then contrasting it against blacks. Doing the shoot was a lot of fun! Spending quality alone time with my naked body, learning to appreciate it again and connecting with it"
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Oct 14, 2016 Oliv//"lipochrome"
"While taking these photos there were some unexpected mishaps. I sat on a nail. And whilst attempting to take photos with my household’s pet chickens they pecked my toes and bum. Despite the minor injuries the experience was enjoyable and I had a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies on my body."
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Oct 13, 2016 Jacqui_Swan//"skeleton_tree"
"I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the bulk of my folio at a really cool location. I was on a road trip with my boyfriend and we happened upon an abandoned building complex that used to be a "Home for Wayward Boys", which I guess is quite appropriate, due to my own extensive experience with wayward boys. The best places to shoot were on one of the upper balconies. Another was a weird room we found that had no door handle on the inside, which locked from the outside... The carpet was bright orange, and the colour looks amazing in the photos."
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Oct 12, 2016 Hazel_A//"tyndall_effect"
"Part of my shoot took place in the bath as I have grown up with only having a bath & no shower due to living in cottages. I love taking baths as they are so relaxing therefore, I wanted to include it on my "me time". Some of my shoot took place outside on my balcony which is next to a busy main road. There were cars constantly going past as I was shooting however, the real shock was when a lady walking her dog looked up and saw me completely naked!!! I most enjoyed taking the photos outside as it was exhilarating due to the fact that anyone could see you at any time - I also really enjoy being one with nature. I loved taking part and would really love to do more nature shoots."
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Oct 12, 2016 Nazz//"wildly_nude_3"
"I've always been a climber. Buildings, trees, rocks, you name it! One of the best perks of being so tall is being able to reach just the right branches, and I finding the perfect perch. I was completely nude and spread eagle in a tree when I group of people walked by. I hadn't noticed their approach and by the time I saw them they were so close! They must have been laughing so hard seeing my goofy butt clambering out of that tree and sprinting across the field. I definitely was! Fortunately, they didn't seem to mind the sight of my exposed skin in the sun...to the contrary I think they quite enjoyed it."
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Oct 11, 2016 Emmy_G//"cat_lady"
"Turns out my cats aren't as keen to be in photos as I had hoped! The shoot went well, extending my imagination and trying out new ways to shoot myself was a great deal of fun! I have no idea how girls manage to take photos with their toes though - that shit is tricky! The more photos I took, the more evident it became which parts of my body I liked taking photos of the most. I mean damn, I like my back XD"
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Oct 10, 2016 Suzi//"la_lumiere"
"I had a lot of fun taking the pictures with the remote and playing with the light. I love the lingerie I was wearing too, I cannot have too much lingerie. I like to feel comfy in it and I love be sexy. I hope people who see my folio think I'm sexy and pretty too. Even if i'm not shopping - I will always pop into shops just to look. When I was young I wore cheap lingerie that was uncomfortable and now I can spend more money on lingerie and I enjoy that a lot. I bought the set in a lingerie store in France - I wear lingerie every day for myself. What if there is a fire? A fireman will take you out of your house and you'll be in ugly underwear! It was nice to see my skin glow in more yellow light. "J'ai pris du plaisir a prendre ces photos avec la commande a distance et aussi jouer avec la lumiere. J'aime la lingerie que je porte, je ne peux pas avoir trop de lingerie. J'aime me sentir bien dedans et j'aime me sentir sexy. J'espere que les personnes qui vont voir mes photos vont penser que je suis sexy et jolie. Meme si je ne vais pas pour acheter dans les magasins, je vais toujours voir leur collections. Quand j'etais jeune je portais de lingerie pas chere et ce n'etait pas tres confortable et maintenant que je peux depenser plus dans ma lingerie, j'apprecie beaucoup. J'ai achete cet ensemble en France, je porte de la lingerie tout les jours pour moi meme. Que ce passerais t'il si il y avait un incendie? Un pompier viendrais me chercher et me trouverais dans un moche pyjama! C'etait sympa de voir briller ma peau dans la lumiere."
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Oct 10, 2016 Dayanne//"steam"
"Feck has helped me to explore my body and play with it! I wanted something to make me feel alive and something that could help me to be more adventurous. It was a fabulous experience and it has helped me to feel more confident with my body."
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Oct 09, 2016 Leia_L//"music_wine_sun"
"The owner of the house, who lives with me, does some kinesiology mainly by phone but not only. Anyway, she's got an ad at the top of the house with her number. And the day I decide to do my shoot she was home, but in her bedroom and me in mine. Everything's good, music, wine, sun... I kept feeling free in my large bedroom in front of my mirror with my camera... Then I've finished it! Huge cigarette after that in the backyard. The house's owner joined me, we shared a glass of wine and she started telling me about her afternoon. Then someone called her, she didn't answer, she was angry... I obviously wanted to know why; she then explained to me that 3 men called her between 4 and 6 asking them how much it was to buy the pictures she made. But, she has never done any shooting, EVER. So she thought it was a joke and when the second man called and ask her to bend stronger and told her she's got really nice tattoos on her ass, she clearly started to become angry. Then I asked her what she did, and she simply answered: I thought it was the other housemate making a porno on the web. OMG, my windows overlooks the street, and it's a huge avenue always busy with a lot of traffic lights... So, now, I know that a window could be dangerous for my owner, and she now thinks that our other housemate's got tattoos."
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Oct 09, 2016 Rose_T//"jekyll_hyde"
"My shoot tapped into the concept of Jekyll and Hyde. How a person can change from beautiful to disturbed through alcohol. Someone can start out looking beautiful, exuding confidence and positive energy, however, through doubting that inner beauty and relying on alcohol to have fun, they can lose that external beauty. Ultimately, through not relying on or trusting your inner beauty, you can become unhappy and disconnected. Your true self, uninhibited by external factors, is enough."
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