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New Releases

Jul 13, 2016 Devi//"let_it_shine_1"
"I think that embracing the feminine form in this day and age is so hard to do because we're taught for so long that we should be ashamed of ourselves to show our bodies. It's beautiful and it's powerful to show that in such a proud way. We're told so often that we're not good and that we need 'this' to feel pretty and I think that's ridiculous. I think everyone is totally gorgeous in their own way and we all need to know how beautiful we are. We shouldn't be afraid of our own light."
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Jul 12, 2016 Anja_K//"la_garconne"
"I like to strike a good balance between modesty and sexually aggressive, old school seduction. I think Marylin Monroe is truly a sex icon, and she scared people pantsless back in the day. Many cultures require women to cover up a lot, probably because our bodies are such incredible, forceful expressions of power and fertility. I've taken some very minimal, softly lit shots to bring the focus to these qualities. I love playing with white, strong colours and the harsh Australian sunlight burning my skin. I need SPF30+ so badly now!"
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Jul 11, 2016 Alexa_H//"beauty_bare"
"I made these photos in several places, despite being simple in the end I found them magnificent. It was very interesting to look at me in the mirror and smile there. It was mysterious, cause I had to hide so the neighbors would not see me. Photographing my body and my face from many angles and be able to trust expressions, was a great experience. I would like many to feel the experience of being confident. At times I felt very sexy, especially when I saw the natural. Glowing hats is also one of my passion. I hope you enjoy the photos./Hice estas fotos varios lugares, que a pesar de ser sencillos, al final me parecieron magnificos. Fue muy interesante verme en el espejo y sonreir. Tambien tratar de ocultarme para que los vecinos no me vieran. Fotografiar mi cuerpo y mi cara desde muchos angulos y poder cambiar mis expresiones fie una gran experiencia. Ojala todos pudieran sentirse tan confiados. En algunos momentos me sentia muy sexy, especialmente cuando me veia al natural. Tambien quize lucir sombreros que son mi pasion. Espero disfruten las fotos."
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Jul 11, 2016 Ellie_K//"viridian"
"I shot this folio the morning after a great night out at a reggae gig with my friends. At first my head was pounding, but once I got my body moving, smoothed some cocoa butter over my butt and put on my favourite undies I started to feel much better, and more than a little turned on."
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Jul 10, 2016 Blaise//"romanticist"
"My shoot, although space restricted, is inspired by my Romanticist belief that Nature is our creator. Women are the givers of life and Nature is our nurturer. When we are stripped down we are at our most vulnerable, but also at our most natural! Instead of being ashamed of how we look as we are so often told and taught to be, we should instead remember what we are and where we have come from and celebrate and honor the body we have! The female body is strong, sexy, unique and AMAZING! We need to be proud of who and what the world has made us to be!"
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Jul 09, 2016 Charlotte_G//"down_to_earth"
"The best place to be naked is close to nature, away from the city: free from clothes, free from society... It felt truly amazing to walk around naked in the woods, although it was freezing ! When I walked back to the van with just my blanket on, I crossed an old man walking with his dog, he was quite surprised to see me but all he could say was warning me about the poisonous "Amanyte mushrooms" I could walk on with my barefoot ! Make sure you recognize them now./Le meilleur endroit ou etre nue, c'est en pleine nature, loin de la ville. Libre de vetements, libre de la societe... C'etait vraiment agreable de se promener nue dans les bois, meme s'il faisait caillant ! En rentrant au van, juste vetue de ma couverture, j'ai croise un vieil homme avec son chien, il etait plutot surpris de me voir apparaitre mais tout ce qu'il pu dire etait de faire attention aux champignons "Amanyte" sur lesquels j'aurais pu marcher pieds nus ! Soyez surs de les reconnaitre !"
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Jul 09, 2016 Ouroboros//"saffron"
"I just love being in front of the camera! I started out wearing my favourite dress, imagining that I was about to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Underneath, my secret - my favourite red, lacy lingerie set. When I go out in this lingerie I feel so sexy! I'm so happy with the look of this shoot, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it!"
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Jul 08, 2016 Azul//"arc_en_ciel"
"I decided to shoot myself in my bedroom, which has been recently a place of exploration. The morning sunlight falls through my crystals to make beautiful rainbows around my room. I wanted to shoot in the moment I felt most relaxed; after a shower. And I just went for it! Recently I've been exploring my light and dark sides - including my shadow! So I wanted to show this in my shoot by using natural lighting to tell a story of my body with shapes. When I looked back over the photos I was surprised by how much the sunlight on my body and the shoot itself actually turned me on."
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Jul 08, 2016 Ginny_J//"hard_love"
"This shoot was taken in my bedroom... a few beers, smokes and loud funky music set the stage! I loved taking these photos! I had so much fun playing with my body and playing with YOU! You may see in a few photos I actually have one of my arms wrapped up in a bandage. Funny story - it's healing from a rather fun sexy night in that room no more than a few days previously. So to cheer myself up and also fully embrace this sexy injury I decided to take some very hot cheeky naughty photos to share with you all."
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Jul 07, 2016 Poppy_S//"silver_salt"
"So... it's not a porno show. There is already too many pictures and movies just showing the women as a pussy. I don t recognize myself in it. I looked for my own picture of eroticism. Something giving space for imagination, more for a 'mind masturbation'. Play with the boundaries between hidden and revealed, between privacy and exhibition, dream and reality, between sexualized body and raw body./Le show de porno, ce n est pas ici! Il y a deja bien trop d images et de films qui resument la femme a une chatte, un orifice, un objet sexuel. J ai cherche a trouve ma propre esthetique de l erotisme, de la seduction. Quelque chose qui laisse plus de place a l imagination, a une sorte de masturbation de l'esprit plus qu uniquement physique. Jouer avec les frontieres entre cache et revele, intimite et exhibitioniste, entre l onirique et la realite, entre le corps sexualise et le corps, juste comme il est simplement."
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Jul 06, 2016 Nazz//"wildly_nude_1"
"The dappled light and soft grass under my toes felt delicious! Romping outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin instantly calms me and brings me to my happy place. As my time rolling around in the field went on I hardly noticed the dirt accumulating between my toes and the grass clippings sticking to my sweaty skin...by the time it was over the garden was a part of me! The petals were soft and rolling around in them reminded me of my first time playing in the snow."
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Jul 06, 2016 Caisa//"trysexual"
"I shot my self in my living room today - it was very hot! I lay on my couch, feeling sexy, and thought; why not share it? My flower print dress looks so good on me, and the lighting was great on this autumn day. I put my shoes on my hands, and tried to touch myself with them - it was hard! I got a lot of good shots of my bum (that I have been told has the shape of a heart:)), my face and my pussy for sure! Also - I am just crazy about the color of my nail polish!"
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Jul 05, 2016 Imogen_G//"true_desire"
"I've never done any modelling or anything nude before, so this was my chance to do that on my own terms and in my own way. I feel that it has a harsh and real openness to it and really portrays myself. I did all the shots in my bedroom by the window and I tried to make the shots as natural as possible, so I'm not wearing any makeup. I had a lot of fun doing the shoot."
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Jul 04, 2016 Macarena//"hey_Macarena"
"I chose the beach to shoot myself, because nature in general and the ocean in particular are my biggest passions in life. I shot myself because I love my body and I thinks it looks really good when is fully naked and surrounded by this astounding nature. It took me a couple of tries, since it was raining every day. But I went one morning, quite early, to the remotest part of my favourite beach and I think it was the perfect location!/Es increible como he ido aprendiendo a amar mi cuerpo con los anyos. No me reconozco en esa chiquilla de 15 que odiaba cada centimetro de su piel. Amo mi cuerpo, es bello, con sus particularidades que lo hacen unico e interesante. Me gusta estar desnuda, no tengo nada que deba esconder. Espero contribuir con mi aportacion a Ishotmyself a hacer que todas las mujeres se sientan bellas y sensuales."
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Jul 04, 2016 Anais_L//"summer_sprinkle"
"After three days with high temperatures above 35 degrees, burning sun and barely any respite from the heat at night, I was desperate to cool off. As soon as I had the house to myself I set up my sprinkler in the backyard, stripped off my sweaty clothes and frolicked around, feeling the cool water refresh and soothe my skin. It's days like this when I feel so happy to be alive, and so glad to share that with you!"
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