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Sep 07, 2016 angelina_d//"fluffy_love_2"
"In this video you'd see me bending my body pretty much a lot cause I love to embrace my curviness. Please watch the video till the end and enjoy ! Xx"
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Sep 06, 2016 Io//"morning_yoga"
"This shoot was good fun. I had just woken up - my alarm hadn't gone off so I was late for an appointment which I had to cancel. I figured I would do the shoot. I had literally only gotten out of bed, so I was very relaxed. I was doing some stretching and extending of my limbs while taking pictures. I did bits and pieces of yoga, which felt amazing first thing in the morning. It felt very cathartic taking the pictures of myself, expressing myself however I wanted, nude... Yeah, very liberating. Afterwards, looking back on the pictures was awesome. You learn to accept your beautiful body so much more. Oh, I also got very sweaty and red in the face. I felt so much heat. Expressing myself and physically letting out whatever came up, through twisting and turning my body on the yoga mat, felt awesome."
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Sep 05, 2016 Sophia_M//"banana_island"
"For this shoot I ventured to Banana Island. Come with me on a journey in the garden and have some banana fun. Bananas are one of my favourite fruits and are a staple at my house, they are packed full of nutrients and best eaten spotty. I made a banana smoothie, laid out my beautiful spotty bananas and got shooting! This was an incredibly fun shoot, who knew playing with banana skins could be so much fun? I hope you enjoy this as much as I did shooting it. Go bananas!"
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Sep 05, 2016 Lou_H//"I_am_woman"
"To begin with, I was intrigued to see how I would respond to the shoot - I didn't know if I would be fine or find it confronting. After doing the shoot, I found it liberating. I found that the more pictures I took, the more I appreciated my body."
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Sep 04, 2016 Bina//"natuerlich"
"Being in nature seemed to be the best spot to shoot myself privately. It was harder than I thought to find such a place... People looked weirdly at me as I walked into the forest and climbed up a mountain with a mirror. After a while I stopped caring about people passing by and looking at me as if they have never seen a nude person before. I gained confidence. Irgendwo in der Natur zu sein, schien mir der beste Ort um fuer mich zu sein waehrend ich dieses Fotoshooting mache. Es war schwerer als ich dachte so einen Platz zu finden. Die Menschen denen ich begegnete guckten mich merkwuerdig an waehrend ich mit dem Spiegel in den Wald lief und auf einen Berg kletterte. Nach einer Weile konnte ich die Menschen und ihre Blicke ignorieren, die mich ansahen als haetten sie noch nie jemanden nacktes gesehen. Ich gewann Selbstvertrauen."
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Sep 03, 2016 Lola_K//"secretly_a_cat"
Quiz! Which one of these is not a type of cat? A) Turkish Van, B) Bengal, C) Persian, D) Maine Coon, E) Lion, F) Tiger, G) Lola, H) Leopard.
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Sep 03, 2016 Harlow_N//"sunny_afternoon"
"The shoot started out pretty slow as I was thinking of what to do, what poses, what angles and trying to come up with a good variety of poses and ideas. Once I really started trying stuff out the process started to flow a lot more. Due to it being winter, it was bloody cold and the ground was wet from the rain the day before so every time I moved, my feet sank into the ground and made a squelchy sound. (I know. There is no sexier sound on earth...) Despite being numb from the cold by the end I had a great time and am excited for you to see my folio."
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Sep 02, 2016 Em_Jay//"new_aspect"
"This folio is really about a curious 20 year old girl exploring her body from new angles and aspects. Shot in my bedroom, my sanctuary and where I am most myself, thus I feel this was an appropriate location to shoot my first folio. I planned on having my my pet rabbit in a lot of shots, but quickly discovered that scratchy bunny claws on your naked body makes selfie taking quite difficult!"
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Sep 02, 2016 HollyWood//"sneaks"
"I wore my favorite pair of Adidas sneakers which I wear almost every day. It was a 40 degree day so I thought I could help you imagine how sweaty my shoes and little Bonds ankle socks got by taking a whiff for the camera. The damp soles of my sneakers meant that their odor was much stronger than that of the breathable cotton socks but I didn't find the smell to be offensive at all - there was a faint perfume smell mixed with the sweat. I couldn't help but imagine a foot fetishist pressing his cock into the sneaker right to the end and filling up my favourite shoes with cum. That thought was a bit of a turn on."
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Sep 01, 2016 Vanessa_H//"auburn_joy"
"This folio nearly never happened, as living in a hostel makes it quite hard to have any privacy. And while I did have a few friends with flats, it's a bit awkward to ask someone to borrow their bedroom for a nude photo shoot. Luckily I became friends with a very open-minded guy that not only had a flat, but also his own bedroom. (A rare find for a backpacker!) Jump forward to the day of the shoot, and my friend completely forgot I was doing the shoot and nearly walked in on me mid shoot.. Awkward! But thankfully the shoot finally did happen and it was a lovely experience. I got to explore my naked body and see how beautiful it truly is."
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Aug 31, 2016 Angelina_D//"fluffy_love_1"
"I felt like I was a vlogger. Basically my video was about a documentary video how I did this I Shot My Self photoshoot."
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Aug 31, 2016 Lo_D//call_the_shots
"This experience has opened me up to a different type of modelling, as self portraits and shooting myself is something brand new for me. I found it more challenging than expected, and I am excited to keep working on these kinds of projects. I look forward to more opportunities and expanding my shoots to different locations and learning how to use my body whilst shooting myself. I find this kind of modelling less limiting to what I'm used to, because I can call all the shots with poses."
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Aug 30, 2016 Lana_D//"dream_queen"
"This whole process was much more fun and much more work than I had first estimated. I really enjoyed soaking up the sun on my naked skin. The process of self portraiture, setting a mood, working with light and shape to make interesting images felt rewarding. I was going for playful, bratty, colourful and cute vibes. Also, I was very lucky that my friend who I was staying with had lots of props to work with. They won a raffle and the prize was a basket of sex toys. (Also note: I would recommend everyone to make sure any toys they have or obtain are 100% body safe before using them beyond props)."
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Aug 29, 2016 Laura_N//"rustic_home"
"Was fuer ein schoener Tag! Die Sonne scheint in meinen Hintergarten... da gehe ich doch lieber mal raus und lasse sie direkt auf meine Haut scheinen! Ich fuehle die warmen Strahlen, wie sie meine Arme streicheln. Es wird zu heiss unter meinen Klamotten, also ziehe ich sie besser langsam aus.//What a lovely day, the sun is shining in my back yard. I should go outside and let it shine onto my skin directly. I feel the warm sun beams stroke my arms. It's getting too hot under my clothes, so I should better take them off slowly."
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Aug 29, 2016 Bridgie_B//"uni_faun"
"I shot indoors and outdoors at my friend's place in Warragul. It's not that private, I think the neighbours will look at me differently now! It was hard not to get frowny face as it was so sunny but I was having fun, I promise. I'm obsessed with the floral wallpaper indoors and the green living room suite. I thought the pink bubblegum and the orange wallpaper looked super cute. It's fun finding cool places to be nude!"
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