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New Releases

Nov 05, 2014 Frida_K//"oh_mama"
"I chase the low winter sun... days are getting longer and I celebrate by making wild love to the sun, his rays finger at my body and it feels good. I like to drive naked, it makes peak hour traffic more fun. But, this shoot is dedicated to nudity in nature. The occasional twig up the bum or nipple erecting breeze gives way to sunkissed adrenaline, connection to nature spirit and a peaceful excitement to be alive. I'm into the self empowering goodness of the aeons-old urine therapy (look it up), so I showed myself weeing."
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Nov 04, 2014 Holly_R//"all_fired_up"
"This folio was so much fun to shoot! I loved shooting in my backyard, and I think the pics turned out great! It doesn't look like it, but it was actually pretty cold out my first day of shooting... about 50 degrees F. But I was having such a good time, I didn't even notice. My neighbors on either side of me were outside working on their lawns the whole time I was shooting. Even though they couldn't see me, it still added some excitement to the shoot! I wonder what they thought I was doing..."
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Nov 03, 2014 creatura//"adorn_me"
"I am a beautiful woman and I love to adorn myself with beautiful things. Draped in fine fabric, dripping with golden chains and jewels, I am free to dance and sing, laugh and love, as gorgeous on the outside as I feel inside! I also have a spiritual side and through my body and voice I love to express and share my universe with other people. My physical body is only a little bit of the whole."
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Nov 03, 2014 Lexi_L//"Leben_ist_Kunst"
"Seit 3 Jahren reise ich um die Welt unter anderem auf der Suche nach guten Tattoos! Ich liebe Koerperkunst aber bin sehr sehr waehlerisch bei der Kuenstlerwahl und alle meine Tattoos haben eine tiefe Bedeutung. Ob du es glaubst oder nicht... ich hasse den schmerz und kann es manchmal kaum aushalten. Aber das Endresultat war es bis jetzt jedes mal wert. Eines Tages, wenn ich einmal sterben sollte, soll mein Koerper Kunstwerk sein dass meine Lebensgeschichte erzaehlt! "
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Nov 02, 2014 Jeanete//"bimbamboom"
"J'etais plutot genee au debut du shoot et je manquais d'inspiration. J'ai fini par m'habituer a me balader toute nue partout dans mon appartement meme si les voisins me voyaient, je m'en fichais et je trouvais ca plutot rigolo. J'ai voulu mettre a profit les rayons du soleil qu'il y avait ce jour la pour rendre ma peau plus jolie. Cela dit j'ai quand meme choisi des positions et des angles de vue assez simples pour montrer le naturel du corps feminin."
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Nov 02, 2014 Anni//"inner_worlds"
"So I chose to work in the beautiful Australian bushland along the banks of the Yarra River. Australian bush is unique in itself and there is none like it in all the world. I took my time there this grey morning, enjoying the river, the bird calls, the texture of the grass and bark upon my skin and my Self. when I'm not roaming about the Melbourne streets I like to return home, to feel safe, secure and at the same time inspired. My bedroom is my own personal haven; a nest resting in a tree perched high on the side of a cliff in Bhutan."
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Nov 01, 2014 Kath//"cat_eyes"
"These glasses were a bargain find online. I am short-sighted and I needed glasses when travelling so I could see signboards from a distance. They are my favourite accessory and I almost always wear them when I am sewing or heading out of the house. During this shoot, I learned to feel less self-conscious about my body, my less than perfect body.I am suddenly intrigued with the texture of my skin, my genitals, my pubic hair. Everything seems like a finger print. While I am used to seeing myself, sucking in my belly and airbrushed for a professional shoot, seeing the rawness of my body was a very new and enlightening experience."
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Oct 31, 2014 dante//"territorial"
"I just moved into this idyllic bungalow, and have been decorating it with inspiration and self-love knick-knacks (check out my little altar). I'm delighted to finally have a place to myself and one of the first things I needed to do to celebrate/really settle in was take some naked pictures, obviously. This is like a taste of what my first summer here will be like, all flexing about in bed and no clothing!"
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Oct 31, 2014 Oliva//"cuore_tremante"
"Non ho trovato nessun posto tranquillo per fotografarmi. Ho fatto le foto in fretta e col batticuore... si vede perche' gli angoli sono strani e c'e' spesso tutto il mio bordello intorno! ...ma, in findei conti, anche questo ha fatto parte del piacere!//I didn't find a calm place to take the pictures, I did them fast and with my heart shaking. you can see that 'cause angles are strange and there is often all my mess around. but, finally, this contributed to the pleasure I had taking them!"
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Oct 30, 2014 Tiffany_F//"chopsticks"
"The shoot started off as a creative experiment where I explored different avenues shooting inside spaces in contrast with the feminine lines and shapes of my naked body. Natural light and the shapes of the piano gave a characteristic touch and scene. A journey of self discovery through my own eyes capturing my female form, spirit, personality and style."
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Oct 29, 2014 ale//"rare_sighting" Video
Deep in the forests of Romania, there lurks a wisp of a ghost, a half-girl half-spectre who moans and howls there, between the trees. It's said that to have one glimpse of her is to go to your doom, but what a sweet doom it will be. Is she Ale or Lele, girl or ghost? To decide, you must look, and when you look...
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Oct 29, 2014 auburn_d//"ginger_silk"
"I grabbed shots here and there, in the forest, around the house and out in the garden. My long red hair is one of my favorite features of my body, and I wanted to show how it makes me feel sensual and beautiful. I'm not shy being naked in front of the camera but shooting the photos myself was a new experience, I had to find new positions to move my body into in order to get good interesting shots."
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Oct 28, 2014 Alice_I//"emblazon"
"My idea was to play with color and to intrigue all of my senses. I interacted with each of the props in a different way. I hummed along as I strummed the purple guitar and savored several bites of kale before snapping a photo in the veggie patch. I felt the texture of the grass and the warm rays of sun. In addition to finding the colors and textures that were there, I also shot several photos through colorful pieces of plastic to get a different perspective. I feel so comfortable in my thoroughly explored backyard that I wish I could walk around naked in it again."
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Oct 27, 2014 marlah//"cage_of_desire"
"There's just something about being able to do a shoot at home with your housemates coming and going... Being able to sit in the window ordained in lace and feathers, enjoy a cup of tea and then resume shooting at my own free time is a freedom I have always longed to have :) Spending a sunny afternoon playing with the reflections of my life size bird cage was an experience of personal intimacy and freedom like no other."
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Oct 27, 2014 Lia_L//"let_it_go"
"As I took each piece of clothing off it felt like I was removing something else. A problem from that morning, the stress from work, the nervousness that I wouldn't pass my next exam. But as I undressed I left it all behind; crumpled in a pile with my clothes. I could think of nothing else but how it felt to finally have my skin free to touch the air. It felt so good to just be me, even for a little moment, before I had to get dressed again and step back into the world."
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