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New Releases

May 14, 2016 Mari_B//"versatile"
"I am a dynamic, ever-changing body. And I identify as a woman who loves sex, loves being naked, and loves being in my body. This makes me a very privileged person. One of my goals in life is to either participate in projects or help other people do projects that lead them on a similar journey, our bodies are valuable and miraculous. These are our bodies. We have the power to be seen exactly as we desire, but sometimes we should fight for it. It's worth it. "
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May 13, 2016 Heather_H//"ocean_breeze"
"I took these photos on two different days. The first day I was in a patch of rain forest in my local area. It had been raining on and off during the morning and I got eaten alive by mosquitos! I had bites where a girl shouldn't have bites! You can see some of the welts in the second half of my folio, which I shot at the beach. I had a great time channeling my inner amazon woman!"
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May 13, 2016 Akiko//"sekai_seifuku"
"It felt empowering and sexy to take erotic photos of myself and it was fun finding different ways of expressing my sexuality, exploring different poses and positions without actually having sex. It was fun and also helped to remind me that my body is pretty damn fine!"
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May 12, 2016 Agnes_M//"musical_tangelo"
"It was incredibly difficult for me to find locations to shoot. Natural light is a must with my camera so I had to shoot outside - a good reason to try some public nudity. I started topless on a beach because I was there anyway and I had lost my bikini top. Then I moved to a cemetery around 4pm on a sunday and did the majority of my photos there. That was funny. Then I took a few more photos in a park the next day."
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May 11, 2016 Rigby, BambieBlue, BelleBeloved//"Smashy_Smashy_1"
Rigby, BambieBlue and BelleBeloved live out their fantasy of destroying their boring office job.
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May 11, 2016 Rosina//"sofia"
"This shoot was definitely a first for me. I've never shot myself, let alone naked. I felt like a kid with a new toy, discovering my body in a completely new way. I loved playing around with my mirror, because I've never even seen my body from some of those angles before. I chose to shoot in my room because it is where I feel most comfortable, but now I'm willing to venture out into more interesting (and maybe public) places."
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May 10, 2016 Luna_M//"ExploreYourself"
"I really enjoyed doing this folio. Honestly at the beginning I felt a bit insecure about how to do it. I took the camera and just did a few frontal shots. I looked at them and was't too sure if I liked them or not, but I decided to keep all of them. I am more used to people taking pictures of me than photographing myself, but I actually really liked being in control. I was all by myself in the room and I have to say that I also really enjoyed the privacy. Just my body and the camera. I closed the door and turned on some really good loud house music. It put me in the right mindset and I tried out lots of different perspectives. Never ever have I taken pictures of my "down under" like this before, but I enjoyed it a lot. Trying all these different perspectives also gave me a good laugh later on, when I showed the pictures to my best friend who shares a room with me. I would definitely do it again and recommend every woman out there to try a nude shoot of yourself at least once. Just for the fun and the confidence it will give you."
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May 09, 2016 Sofia_R//"temperance"
"It was a chilly winter's morning the day of my second folio. I was doing a tarot reading in the morning and decided to incorporate it into my photo series. I have an Irish traveller background, so tarot reading and herbs are quite an important part of my everyday lifestyle. I also like shooting with mirrors because of the angles you can get and the light it brings into photos. I enjoy being able to capture various sides of my body that I do not normally see. Again, it was a pleasure putting together this folio."
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May 09, 2016 Camille_M//"FreeBodyLove"
"I love nature and wanted to portray how natural it is to be nude. Unfortunately not everyone thinks so and I sure shocked the elderly people fishing near my beach photoshoot! I also amused the other three men fishing from a seat nearby. I had so much fun all the same, really appreciating worshiping and adoring my body, reminding myself of what a beautiful and wondrous creature that I am."
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May 08, 2016 Indigo_J//"song_of_myself"
"I shot myself outside because I'm a real nature gal. It was lovely to feel the grass and bark of the tree and the soft breeze in contact with my skin. I enjoyed feeling the different ways my body bent and stretched and moved and I tried to capture that with the camera. But most of all I was having a hell lot of fun being the star of my own show and so I think a lot of my photos are pretty smiley!"
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May 07, 2016 Julie_H//"sui_generis"
"I was a little nervous when I decided to shoot myself, but once I got started I thought, "I have no shame in my body". All my nerves disappeared, I felt free and naked. I liked using different props and experimenting with them to see what I could do with different objects. Now, after the shoot, I feel so much more confident in myself."
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May 07, 2016 Ambra_A//"wallababy"
"I spent a few months living in this awesome shack by the sea. You wouldn't believe from these pictures how cold it actually is there, otherwise I would have shot outside. As I write this I realise these are the only pictures I took my whole time there, so I guess I'll need ISM to remind me of this really happy time in my life."
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May 06, 2016 bonny//"free_flow"
"It was mid April around Cunungra in South East Queensland. Just at the end of the warm weather, however the water was freeeezing! I got used to it after a while but my feet went a little numb. I used my Canon 7D camera with a remote control to fire the shutter. My dog and my friend's dog followed me to the river for the shoot, and while I was concentrating on shooting, the dogs hid my pants and I could not find them so I had to walk back to the house in just boots and a t-shirt! It took a while to do the shoot and by the end I was busting for a pee, so suddenly I thought to myself, "maybe guys would be interested in seeing a girl pee?" and I took a photo of it. Hope you like it guys and it's not too rude!"
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May 06, 2016 Jacinta_F//"tres_lugares"
"My folio was performed in three locacionas: two beaches and a forest. In the first beach I had a problem with the camera, it would not work! So I had to postpone the session for the next day. In the forest was great but the not the most comfortable thing in the world, plants were fairly intrusive. Finally in the second beach I achieved total comfort, I even played with water!/Mi folio fue realizado en 3 locacionas, 2 playas y un bosque. En la primera playa tuve un problema con la camara, no queria funcionar! Asi que tuve que posponer la sesion para el dia siguiente. En el bosque fue genial pero no lo mas comodo del mundo. Las plantas eran bastante intrusas. Finalmente en la segunda playa logre comodidad total, incluso jugue con el agua!"
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May 05, 2016 Vena_S//"dharma"
"Living in a gloriously feminine part of Australia inspired me to jump over my back fence and expose some countryside skin while being tickled by the grass and dodged by the cows. I absolutely loved the experience and the chance to unleash my creativity through a new medium that's all about womanly self-empowerment. And I think women should wear crowns of flowers way more often. We are all so beautiful!"
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