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Editors Pick week 717
editors pick week 717

Artist: ELIZA_S
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Artist name: Rosie_T
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Occupation: Babysitter
Age: 22
Height: 5'4
Starsign: Sagittarius
The biggest passion in my life: I love to dance - it gives me such a buzz
I like to listen to: My new Chinese meditation balls
I like to watch: Gossip Girl on repeat
I like to smell: Strong coffee in the mornings

New Releases

Jun 28, 2017 Rosie_T//"comparisons"
"I was chilling in my house naked right before the shoot so I actually had to get dressed for it haha. My aim was to show that all bodies are beautiful regardless of whether they fit societal norms or unachievable expectations. My body isn't "perfect" as deemed by society but I wanted to show how much I love my body despite this and to say that YES IT IS PERFECT! I don't feel pressured to conform to the expected Barbie type body, there's many other forms of beauty and perfection. I wanted to capture pictures that demonstrate the internal struggle when women are confronted with this (particularly on social media). I had a lot of fun using the Barbies in the shoot to represent this pressure and the comparisons that I would make between myself and others. The rest of the pictures are to celebrate a natural body, especially the ones with the princess crowns haha!"
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Jun 27, 2017 Stevie_B//"cloud_nine"
"You caught me just hanging out in my adorable bedroom! I am lucky that my princess castle bed leaves so much room for activities! You might see my cuddly Little Pony called Cloud 9 or even Snuffy the Snuffleupagus!"
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Jun 26, 2017 Eliza_S//"lingering"
"This shoot was shot inside Pentridge which is an abandoned prison, I live near the prison and have been spending a lot of time exploring the ruins and trying to get further inside. Recently I discovered a way to get into the enclosed yard the prisoners use to spend some of their leisure time in. The area definitely has a weird vibe lingering around it which really makes me curious. Nature is taking back the prison which makes for great scenery. Undressing in the abandoned prison was both scary and exciting, but the sunshine felt nice against my skin."
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Jun 26, 2017 Alyssa_B//"raw_truth"
"I had so many exciting ideas in relation to incorporating nature, as that's how I really align my body's vibration. But freezing rain kind of held me back. I found that I ended up taking this folio much deeper in raw truth to the tale of what my body carries. With close ups and scars, bad angles which I may not be super duper smiles with, I get to exhibit the truth of the tangible self. I also had fun playing around with silly little toys."
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Jun 25, 2017 Chase_R//"in_the_sheets"
"For this shoot I wanted to experiment with clothes a bit. I have been working on building my self confidence and I felt that working with clothes (or lack thereof) would help foster that. I sometimes felt like I was using clothing to hide my body and reinforce that feeling of discomfort. By using the clothes in my shoot I have discovered a new way of viewing myself. I felt confidant and sexy during the shoot. I loved the process of slowly removing pieces of clothes until I was fully undressed. I got really excited about the look of my body through the clothing whether it was looking underneath what I was wearing or items that were see-through."
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Jun 25, 2017 Leigh_M//"bekind_rewind"
"This shoot encouraged me to feel more comfortable about my body and enjoying being naked. Becoming more confident to be naked so I can let my boyfriend enjoy a show. I had lots of fun with the shoot and tried to have different angles especially showing my tattoos, they are my favourite thing and they all mean so much to me so I wanted those to be the showcase. I also tried photos with less make up and with a bit of a message to remind everyone but mostly myself to "Always be Kind" more so to yourself but 100% to others also! I loved the opportunity and my boyfriend loved getting some sneaky looks while I was taking photos!"
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Jun 24, 2017 Eden_J//"treasure_trove"
"I was so excited to do I Shot Myself a second time. I used a friend's beautiful backyard and he helped me set up shots with lots of mirrors and flowers. Something I didn't take into consideration about doing a shoot outside is all the twigs you get stuck in your butt. Ouch. But aside from that I had a lot of fun. I loved experimenting with so many mirrors and different angles. I hope I can do another shoot one day."
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Jun 24, 2017 Tanza//"sensualidad"
"Felicidad maxima en el corazon al momento de la sesion de fotos, como una ninia, jugando, explorando mi cuerpo, mis formas y colores, ternura, sensualidad y libertad! amor amor amor...Luz dentro de mi! Me senti poderosa y aventurera y espero llevar esta sensacion de empoderamiento a mi dia a dia, y ese amor sentirlo todas las manianas al despertar, Gracias! / Maximum happiness in the heart at the moment of the photo session, as a child, playing, exploring my body, my shapes and colors, tenderness, sensuality and freedom! Love love love ... Light within me! I felt powerful and adventurous and I hope to bring this feeling of empowerment to my day to day, and that love to feel all the manianas upon awakening, Thank you!"
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Jun 23, 2017 Ez//"disposition"
"At first I felt a bit silly and reserved but as soon as I broke out the paints I started having a bunch of fun. I paint a lot but have never done it on my naked body before. I liked the idea of my body being my own personal blank canvas to do with what I want. I liked the sense of ownership and creativity. I drew a face on my body to show the idea that the person is more important than the body alone. I also really enjoyed simply the feeling of the brush on my skin and watching the colourful marks it left. I felt like an artwork and even more beautiful than usual."
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