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New Releases

Aug 05, 2017 Emilia_W//"satin_doll"
"Equally the most liberating and anxiety-inducing experience of my life. I enjoyed myself immensely and was challenged in a way I'd never been before. And I'm sure my neighbours enjoyed it too since they could probably see me through the window :)"
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Aug 04, 2017 Helena_Price//"from_the_ashes"
"Ruin Porn...or porn in the ruins? After leaving my hometown of Detroit I came back over two summers (2015 & 2016) and shot myself in various locations. It shows where I've been and where I'm going. A gritty beauty, a phoenix rising from the ashes, my soft skin juxtaposed on hard rusted metal, shadows and reflections adorning my body..."
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Aug 03, 2017 Letitcia//"limitations"
"At one point I tried crouching over the cactus. Aside from that, the shoot was trouble free. Working in this way does make you appreciate working within set limitations and in that sense having to think differently to make the best of them. Also, it's fun skipping naked between locations."
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Aug 02, 2017 Martina_M//"tramonto"
"Mi sono divertita molto a scattare le foto e a riguardarle. Fino all'anno scorso non avrei mai pensato che avrei potuto partecipare ad un progetto come quello di ISM. L'ho consigliato alle mie amiche e di sicuro lo rifarei! / I had a lot of fun taking pictures and looking at them. Until last year I never thought I could have participated in a project such as ISM. I advised the project to my friends and I would certainly do it again!"
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Aug 02, 2017 emy_w//"farm_life_1"
"At first I found it fairly hard to video myself - I felt a bit awkward and didn't really know what to say. However after I started the actual shoot it felt much more natural and normal to have the recorder there..."
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Aug 01, 2017 Ivy_Hamilton//"marigolden"
"This experience was great for me. The first 2 years of being in the adult industry was spent as a non-nude webcam girl (I did very well!) but wanted to explore more of my sexuality and get more comfortable with ALL of myself. This shoot helped a bunch with that, most photo sets I do I tend to hide parts of myself...so having to do full frontal bold nudity was great! I shot at a friend's warehouse, and having so many different well-lit areas made this really fun. 10/10 would do again."
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Jul 31, 2017 K-Cam//"colourful_turn"
"My shoot took a colourful turn when I realised the retired man across the road was sitting watching me shoot myself through the window! I have the front room in an old character house, and there was no way of hiding what I was doing! I made my way out into a corner of the backyard, and on the way, my acrylic paints caught my eye... why not!? It was fun slathering paint all over my body and getting messy in the sun! Passing my housemate walking back through the hallway was an interesting experience though. Sometimes it's better just not to explain yourself ;) Note to future self: Don't rub paint all over yourself when you have to be somewhere within the next hour. The clean up process was harder than I should admit to! Hope it was worth it and you enjoy my shoot as much as I did."
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Jul 31, 2017 Farrah_B//"desideri"
"Non credo esista progetto migliore dell' immortalare la propria nudita' col sorriso e con consapevolezza, a dispetto di ogni tipo di abuso di potere fotografico (e non) a cui siamo abituati al giorno d'oggi. I miei scatti rappresentano la mia vita quotidiana e desideri nascosti.. divertimento, arte, sesso, cibo, vizi e fragilita'. Questa sono io. Te che stai leggendo, ora mi conosci...Questa e' Scar. / I do not think there is a better plan to capture your nakedness with smile and awareness, in spite of all kinds of abuse of power (and not) that we are accustomed to nowadays. My shots represent my daily life and hidden desires...fun, art, sex, food, vices and fragility. This is me. What you are reading, now you know me...This is Scar."
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Jul 30, 2017 Aurelie//"sans_defaut"
"While doing this folio I was struggling quite a lot with myself, mostly with my face. Returning to the city after being away for more then half a year - being covered in dirt mostly whilst harvesting potatoes, planting salads or picking cherries - I felt confronted with the perfectionism in the city: flawless outfits, long lashes, shiny hair, glowing skin. I'm not perfect, I'm getting spots after two glasses of wine, refuse to shave and can't control my face that well when it comes to taking pictures of myself. I'm usually not the selfie kind of type. All this made me really conscious about how I see myself, how I'd like to be seen. But while doing this shoot I realized that this is not who I am, I'm usually not uncomfortable naked or dislike my face when you can still see the shadows of the weekend on it. So I got back step by step to my old self. I don't care if others think I'm pretty, I'm not existing to please anyone and I do not accept being part of a competition none of us women agreed to be part of in the first place. I am beautiful, you are beautiful and I love us for who we are!"
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Jul 30, 2017 Dandy_P//"natural_form"
"This project was a really wonderful experience. I wanted to do it as a challenge for myself; I'm super into public nudity and feel great about my body, but I have always been uncomfortable with photos. I felt a bit self-conscious taking the photos at first, but got super comfortable and started having a lot of fun with it. I took a lot of photos of the conventionally less desirable parts of my body (fat, stretch marks, body hair, menstrual blood, etc) and played around with appearing fat or thin and masculine or feminine. I usually hate photos of myself, but I ended up really loving how I looked in a lot of the photos. Taking the pictures myself and thinking of how I wanted to present myself was a fun and empowering exercise!"
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Jul 29, 2017 Sondrine//"calendar_girl"
"It's uncommon to find a woman that hasn't had any issues with her body. Loving yourself can be a process that is something to work towards. My relationship with my body fluctuates. Sometimes I'm completely happy and confident, and you don't need to tell me I'm beautiful, because I KNOW. Other days I nit-pick, agonise over the flaws, and no matter what people say, or how much my partner worships me, I'm unsatisfied. I want to be like the other girls. When I shoot a folio, I love myself. I feel like a sexual goddess, I celebrate my body in all its goodness and others will too. By shooting over the course of over a month, I removed the luxury of confidence. I shot myself each day for better or worse and it was interesting to see where my mind took me as I framed each shot. Focusing on different things, the mood changes everything and I encourage you to take that into consideration as you flick through the photos. This folio reminded me that even when I forget, I'm always beautiful."
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Jul 29, 2017 Suzie_G//"we_are_stars"
"This folio reflects ways in which I see and understand the connection between the human body and Earth. I do believe that we are all... (break it down now) ...Stars. We are all International women. Not one is more than another, it is up to each individual to be the star that they really are inside. Knowing this, sharing it with others now, allows me to feel confident when I feel scared, shy, paranoid, uncertain, anything. So look at the vessel that you are in, treat it kindly and show yourself to the world and to our mother, she wants to see us grow. When you are able to do this, you will see all the beauty around on offer and feel it, feel one, feel you! This shoot is my first of the kind. It was intriguing, fun and funky, sexy, natural and a little more challenging on the muscles than expected!"
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Jul 28, 2017 Lucy_Lapkin//"wrapped-up"
"These are just photos of me living my life. I used headphones in some of the shots to show how I get wrapped up in my favourite music. I also found myself goofing off with the mirror and playing with the image in it like it was a friend. I was really inspired by Corinne Day's shoot with Kate Moss for the Face in which she treated nudity as playful and natural rather than sexual."
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Jul 27, 2017 Cody_B//"girl_gang"
"The shoot I did was supposed to be in my friend's spare bedroom because she has a pole in her room and I had some really good ideas for how I could incorporate pole dancing into my shoot but unfortunately I couldn't shoot there because I was quite sick. I had to improvise and do a really basic shoot in my bedroom and bathroom. Even though I didn't get to use my original plan for the shoot I am still happy with how it turned out. I wanted to wear my new "girl gang" top in some of the shots because I am all about girl power and us women loving ourselves and our bodies and feeling really empowered. I started the photos with half wet hair and as I took more photos it dried with nice natural waves."
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Jul 26, 2017 Marcelle//"take_the_power_2"
"One of my biggest missions with my art is the promotion of gender equality because it seems to me that there's a massive imbalance in the world between men and women. We grow up in completely different realities, being taught completely different things."
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